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    Recognizing the evolving dynamics of the modern workplace

    By focusing on the entire employee lifecycle, we can help organisations optimise processes around design, hire, inspire and diagnose as well as evaluating and measuring the potential and the competencies of candidates, employees, managers, and the work force – the collective human capital.

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    HR Consultation

    Human resources stand as a crucial pillar, focusing on developing and implementing long-term strategies for organisation procedures and policies, onboarding, and training as well as employee retention and satisfaction. Moreover, it is pivotal in shaping and safeguarding the company’s reputation, ensuring a positive and supportive work environment.

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    Strategic Talent Sourcing

    External Recruitment serves as a strategic pillar, focusing on talent sourcing to meet the evolving needs of organizations. In a hybrid work environment, finding the right candidates demands a comprehensive approach, and Broadwing is dedicated to leveraging its expertise to connect employers with top-tier talent.

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    Talent and Career Assessments

    Grow as a leader, hire better, and inspire high-performing teams beginning with a simple understanding of who you are at work. Psychometric testing is designed to ensure that decisions related to talent acquisition, employee recognition and progression, as well as success planning and career management, are implemented and undergo meticulous evaluation.

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    Leveraging eLearning Tools

    Acknowledging the ongoing need for continuous growth, the personal and professional development pillar focuses on online learning capabilities and professional training. Broadwing is committed to providing resources that empower employees to enhance their skills, ensuring personal and professional development aligns with organizational goals.

    Building Winning Teams

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    United by our mission to be ‘true and genuine partners’, and guided by the core principle of being ‘Empowered by People’.

    In response to the escalating expectations and demands for focus and specialization from clients, Broadwing Recruitment Agency in Malta strategically concentrates its recruitment endeavors to effectively meet the technical talent requirements of our esteemed clientele. This approach ensures a dedicated and specialized focus, allowing us to provide tailored and high-quality recruitment solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of skilled industries.

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    Careers in the financial services sector in Malta, encompassing Accounting & Audit, Tax, Insurance, Banking & Payments, and Investments, to name a few, offer diverse opportunities for professionals to thrive in a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry, driven by the country’s strategic location, regulatory excellence, and the continuous expansion of its financial ecosystem.

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    Legal & Compliance

    Legal & Compliance

    Careers in the legal and compliance sector in Malta, spanning areas such as Risk, Financial Crime & Fraud, Corporate Services, Regulatory, Legal, GDPR, and Corporate Governance, offer professionals a dynamic and integral role in ensuring legal adherence, regulatory compliance, and effective governance within the country’s robust and evolving business environment.

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    Information Technology

    Careers in the IcT sector in Malta provide exciting opportunities for professionals to contribute to the technological advancement of businesses, driven by the country’s growing emphasis on innovation and digital transformation. Supported by a growing demand for expertise in diverse IT domains such as AI & Machine Learning, Data Analytics & BI, Project Management & Business Analysis, IT Infrastructure, Databases, Software Development, and QA & Testing.

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    Marketing & Media

    Marketing & Media

    Careers in the Marketing & Media sector in Malta, spanning Product & Design, Creative, SEO & Digital Marketing, Advertising, as well as Content & Copywriting, offer professionals a dynamic platform to shape and amplify brand narratives, leveraging creative strategies and digital channels within the vibrant landscape of the Maltese market.

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    Business Support

    General Business Support

    Careers in the business support discipline in Malta, covering areas such as Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, Sales & Business Development, Customer Service & Support, Languages, and Administration, provide professionals with diverse opportunities to contribute to organizational success, fostering efficiency, collaboration, and client satisfaction within the dynamic business environment of Malta.

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    Careers in the operations discipline in Malta, offer professionals the chance to play integral roles in optimizing processes, ensuring efficiency, and maintaining high standards of procedures within the operational landscape of Malta. Encompassing Project Management, Logistics, Surveying, Warehousing, and Health & Safety, to name a few.

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    Engineering & Technical

    Careers in the Engineering and Technical Sectors in Malta, covering Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Architecture roles, as well as various Technical positions, offer professionals a dynamic environment to contribute their expertise and skills, shaping the infrastructure, manufacturing, and industrial landscape of the country.

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    Senior Executives

    Senior Executives & Managers

    Careers in the C-suite, followed by V-level, D-level disciplines in Malta, all provide seasoned senior professionals with leadership opportunities to drive strategic decision-making and organizational success within the dynamic business landscape of the country. Positions include chief executive officers (CEO), chief financial officers (CFO), chief operating officers (COO), and chief information officers (CIO), as well as, Vise Presidents, Directorships, Executive-levels, and Managers.

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    Empowered by People.

    Broadwing is an award-winning employment agency based in Malta. The company targets businesses and candidates alike offering Recruitment, HR Consultation, Psychometric Test Solutions and Training services whilst also committing ourselves to a broader spectrum of service sectors. Our goal is to provide exclusive employment expertise for Accountancy & Finance, Online Gaming & Information Technology (IT), Sales & Marketing, Legal & Compliance, Technical & Engineering, as well as General Business Support.

    The focus of the company is attracting, shortlisting, appointing and selecting suitable candidates for the placement of permanent, part-time or contract staff on behalf of its clients.

    Discover the remarkable journey of Broadwing Recruitment’s path to success.

    Why Broadwing Recruitment

    Kickstart a new career with your dream job in Malta.

    Our Mission

    We value quality and specialisation, focusing our resources on identifying unparalleled, highly-qualified individuals across all of our disciplines. We build and maintain exclusive relationships with our clients and candidates, enabling our team of professionals to identify the most suitable fit.

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    Job Posting Advertisment

    Broadwing is committed to providing an agile and effective service to our clients and candidates. Our employment specialists will post and advertise your jobs online to attract, source and hire the best talent for your business. All the while offering complete recruitment marketing campaigns throughout Broadwing’s international partner networks.

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    Employment Law & Legal Advisory

    Employment law in Malta encompasses regulations governing pre-employment practices, during-employment rights and responsibilities, termination procedures, and post-employment considerations, providing a comprehensive legal framework that safeguards the interests of both employers and employees throughout the entire employment lifecycle.

    Contact for Legal Advice

    Industry Specialist Recruiters - Broadwing Job Placement Agency

    Industry-Specific Specialists

    Broadwing offers exclusive employment expertise in various industries, including Finanical Services, Corporate Services, iGaming (Online Gaming), Technology & Telecoms, Production & Distribution, Construction & Architecture, Health & Safety, Manufacturing & Industrial, Travel & Destination, Yachting & Shipping, Hospitality & Catering, and Retail.

    Leverage Industry Expertise

    Career & CV Advice - Broadwing Recruitment

    CV & Jobseeker Advice

    Seek professional guidance from industry specialists and leverage online tools for building CVs and cover letters, while also discovering job opportunities and courses within the EU. Utilize the Europass CV creation tool to seamlessly apply for employment and streamline your career management by accessing comprehensive career resources through the user-friendly platform provided by Broadwing.

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    2024 Malta Payroll Adjustments & Employee Benefits

    Broadwing is offering a free tool to calculate your weekly, monthly, or yearly net salary based on the tax rates in Malta. This simple tool gives a clear breakdown of gross salary and deductions including tax, Social Security contributions (SSC/NI), government bonuses and most importantly the net salary you take home.

    Understand how your payroll is set to change in 2024 through a higher COLA, updated social security contributions, tax rates, vacation and sick leave, benefits and more…

    Your 2024 Payroll Malta Salary Calculator

    Check my Salary - Malta Tax Calculator

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    Recent Jobs in Malta

    Rabat, Malta

    40000 - 45000 Per Year

    Competitive Salary

    San Gwann, Malta

    Competitive Salary

    45000 - 55000 Per Year

    Birkirkara, Malta

    26000 - 29000 Per Year

    45000 - 55000 Per Year

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    22 April 2024

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    18 April 2024

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    Employee Appreciation Day

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    We are committed to providing an agile and effective service to our clients.

    Our network of service providers each bring their expertise to the table, offering sound advice and the right connections to exceed expectations.

    Recruitment & Job Search FAQ's

    We take the admin time out of the whole employment process. Our focus is attracting, shortlisting, appointing and selecting suitable candidates for interview, rather than you having to sift through CVs. The whole recruitment process is sped up through our international talent acquisition network and a reliable database of remarkable candidates.

    You can also ensure that you are getting the calibre of interviewees that you expect by focusing our resources on identifying unparalleled, highly-qualified individuals across all our disciplines – asking that all candidates pass our agency’s basic tests, or tests set by you before sending them for interview.

    Before applying for jobs through Broadwing Reruitment, you must register & activate your job seeker account by uploading your CV and submitting some required information to help us find your dream job in Malta.

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    The company targets businesses and candidates alike offering Recruitment and HR services whilst also committing ourselves to a broader spectrum of service sectors. Our goal is to provide exclusive employment expertise within Online Gaming & IT, Sales & Marketing, Legal & Compliance as well as Financial Services.

    In order to make use of Broadwing’s Recruitment service, you will need to submit your company details, confirm our recruitment terms, and submit your vacancy description.

    This can be done through our online job application form.

    Our recruitment coordinator will be in touch to get to know your business and discuss your specific needs in detail before assigning an industry specialist to recruit for your jobs.

    Implementing technology has never been more critical to success in the recruitment industry.

    Through our digital channels, the combination of a leading global Recruitment CRM, a cutting-edge website, a solid brand, effective marketing and enthusiastic recruiters we can access candidates that no other recruitment agencies can. We have close relationships with the leading regional job boards and recruitment partners worldwide.

    By harnessing a combination of these networks we can target your job advert to be seen by candidates that match your needs.

    We connect top-tier talent with industry leading employers.

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