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Our Recruitment & HR Solutions are intended to aid both SMEs as well as established employers alike, relieving management from the task of personnel hiring and allowing them to use their time more effectively in more productive and profit-making tasks, thus contributing further towards their business’ growth and success.

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Why Use Broadwing for Recruitment?

Utilising Broadwing Limited’s award-winning experience in employment and recruitment in Malta and across the EU.

Broadwing Ltd. is a specialist provider of complete recruitment solutions guaranteeing efficient and personalised Recruitment, HR Training & Consultancy services with maximum confidentiality. Supported by cutting-edge technologies and an approach that embraces innovation, our function as recruitment partners is to bring together employers and career seekers whilst maximising their time, efforts, and resources. While assisting employees in pursuing their career to fulfill their ambitions, we continuously strive to provide employers with suitable top candidates according to their recruitment requirements.

Broadwing Ltd. has been the innovator in Online Recruitment in Malta and has continued expanding its’ portfolio of services in Online Learning, Payroll, as well as Relocation services, to ensure a smooth transition to the island.

We are committed to matching the right candidates for your job vacancies.

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Human Resources is Our Commitment

Post Jobs Online - Muovo Job board by Broadwing

Job Posting with Muovo

Muovo, a user-friendly and feature-rich job board and employer directory offering companies assistance with their hiring needs at unbeatable rates.

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Relocate to Malta with Broadwing

Malta Relocation

We assist individuals, families and companies relocating to Malta through our Safe Landing Programme to ensure a smooth transition to the island.

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Malta Payroll Services - Broadwing


Let our dedicated team of specialists fully manage your Payroll Process accurately, efficiently and ensure that all your payroll-related requirements are met to a high standard.

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HR Consultancy in Malta - Broadwing

HR Consultancy & Training

We offer tailor-made solutions created for organisations that require assistance in all other aspects of Human Resources Management and Human Resources Development.

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Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing - Broadwing Malta

Employer Branding & Marketing

Facilitating growth through scalable Branding & Marketing. We assist companies with building and maintain healthy reputations which enable them to attract and retain top talent.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing - Broadwing Malta

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We provide an expert-driven service that would hold its own against a nationally saturated market, being the leader in Malta offering complete recruitment solutions.

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Pre-Employment Checks & Vetting - Broadwing Recruitment

Pre-Employment Checks – Vetting

Our candidate screening systems are more sophisticated than any internal HR department or outsourced competitor. Focus on savings when looking at the bigger picture.

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Secondments & Outplacements - Broadwing HR & Recruitment

Secondments & Outplacements

Our assistance to redundant employees in finding new employment, either as a benefit provided by the employer directly, or through a specialist service.

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We connect top-tier talent with industry leading employers.

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