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We can assist with your employee relocation process, engaging with agents for property arrangements, advising employees on all the requirements to attain a work permit and ensure a smooth transition to the island.

Here is our Malta Safe Landing Programme.

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Malta Safe Landing Programme

Broadwing is well-positioned to relocate your employees to Malta. Our mission is to make the process as smooth as possible, ensuring newcomers are fully settled with a high standard of living, in no time at all.

Our Safe Landing Programme was created to welcome and relocate foreign nationals and their families to Malta. Following a consultation prior to arrival, we offer a personal orientation of the island, an independent housing search, assistance with the contract negotiation, rental procedures and full assistance with the paperwork needed to get a residency ID card.

Malta Relocation Services

In order to have you all settled within the first week of your arrival, Broadwing starts guiding and preparing you even before you arrive at the airport. By applying the Broadwing strategy from the services listed below, Broadwing is able to create a tailored package upon request.

Terms and conditions can be set up according to your requirements.

Accommodation & Logistics

Nothing is more convenient than having someone to take care of your accommodation bookings and transport arrangements. You let us know when and where you want to stay and the facilities you require and we present and book the most suitable accommodation.

Relocate to Malta - Accommodation & Logistics - Broadwing Ltd


Housing & Accommodation

Where and how you are going to live is probably your main concern. Broadwing offers a truly independent housing package including expert advice on property conditions, locations, contract negotiations, drafting of lease agreements and more.


Airport Pick-up

Get you personal airport pick-up. Your appointed relocation agent will await you at the arrival terminal with your name sign and drive you to your accommodation. On the way, the relocation agent will give you some valuable information about Malta.



For those who wish to ship over their furniture and personal belongings we can liaise with professional moving companies and be your point of contact. We will chase the transportation companies to make sure your goods arrive on time.

Bureaucratic Paperwork

Utilizing the Broadwing network, your relocation process will pass by smoothly giving you the pleasure to enjoy Malta in no time. We provide guidance with regard to almost every aspect of utilities necessary to acquire sooner or later.

Relocate to Malta - Malta Residency & Other Applications - Broadwing Ltd


Residence ID Application

Where and how you are going to live is probably your main concern. Broadwing offers a truly independent housing package including expert advice on property conditions, locations, contract negotiations, drafting of lease agreements and more.


Bank Account Opening

The procedures for opening a bank account in Malta is a lot more than dropping in with your passport. We will guide you through the application and make sure you have all the documents required before setting an appointment with the bank.


Work Permit Application

If you’re planning to relocate to Malta, the process of obtaining a permit to work in Malta can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, at Broadwing Ltd., we offer a multitude of services to help make the relocation process less stressful and more straightforward, including advice on how best to go about obtaining your work permit.

How our Malta Relocation Program Works

  • Inventorying your relocation inquiry.
  • Depending on your tax status and/or need of a fiscal adviser Broadwing can introduce you to our collaborating partners and send an information brochure and check-list of documents that are required accordingly.
  • Broadwing immediately starts to process your housing request in order to schedule property viewings and advise on the best temporary accommodation to book for your first days in Malta.
  • Inspection of properties and reporting if you wish to secure a rental contract upon arrival. By transferring a security deposit, Broadwing can set up a legally binding rental contract with a landlord on your behalf prior to your arrival.
  • Collecting documents required for the residency application and opening of a bank account.
  • Pick up at the airport and drop-off at your hotel.
  • Property viewings including pick-ups and drop-offs and independent expert advice on property conditions, contract drafting and negotiations.
  • Applying for a Maltese ID card, tax number, social security number, FS3 form and EHIC card (for ordinary residence status).
  • Introduction to our partners for those who wish to apply for one of Malta’s special tax scheme.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Facilitating any extra services upon request

Malta & Gozo enjoy the world’s best weather allowing for 300 days of sun per year

Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea the Maltese Islands are a rich tapestry of history, culture and natural beauty. The language of business in Malta is English and the country has been a full member state of the European Union since 2004.

Malta’s approach to business promotion, development and a good standard of living make the island republic a destination of choice for relocation of business and personal residence.

The island acts as a platform for international business and commerce providing legal certainty, high-level professional advisers, a skilled workforce, lower overall operating costs and a business-friendly environment.

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475,000 (AS AT 2018)


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3% (AS AT 2018)


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