Building the Broadwing Ltd. Brand

Supported by new technologies, our function as recruitment partners is to bring together employers and career seekers whilst maximising their time, efforts and resources. We assist employees in pursuing their career to fulfil their ambitions, and continuously strive to provide employers with suitable top candidates according to their recruitment requirements.

The Broadwing Brand

Our purpose? We connect top-tier talent with industry-leading employers.

We do this by offering a specialised and personal job-placement service utilising the finest Recruitment CRM software, a cutting-edge website, effective marketing, a highly-specialised team of recruiters and, naturally, our strong brand.

While building the Broadwing brand, we wanted to create something that clearly represents our purpose, our method and our values. The Broadwing brand exhibits our multi-faceted nature; creativity and innovation mixed with compassion and being people-focused. Simultaneously, we move swiftly, efficiently and with great power.

The Broadwing Mission & Values

Our values form the backbone of the company and guide us through every decision and step forward we take.

At Broadwing, our commitment to our mission and values is the cornerstone of our identity and the driving force behind our success. We believe that these core principles not only define who we are but also shape our interactions with employees, partners, and clients, ultimately guiding us towards a future of continued growth and innovation.

Empowered By People

At the heart of our organization lies the fundamental belief that people are our greatest asset. From our dedicated employees to our valued partners and clients, it’s the individuals who make up the Broadwing family that inspire us every day. In our Human Resources department, we recognize that our work is fundamentally about people. We are dedicated to fostering a multicultural and diverse environment where ideas flow freely, and collaboration thrives.

We understand that it is in the rich tapestry of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that we find the true catalyst for innovation and success. We empower our teams to embrace this diversity, harnessing it to cross-pollinate ideas and bring forth new solutions that drive our organization forward.

Embracing Technology

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the recruitment landscape is continuously reshaped by technological advancements. We understand that staying at the forefront of this digital transformation is essential to providing the best services to our clients and ensuring the satisfaction of our employees. We wholeheartedly embrace technology, leveraging cutting-edge platforms and tools to streamline our processes and functions.

By doing so, we not only bring a modern way of working to today’s digital landscape but also enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. Our commitment to technology reflects our dedication to providing top-tier service and staying ahead in an ever-changing industry.

True & Genuine Partners

At Broadwing, we believe that true and genuine partnerships are built on the foundations of loyalty, integrity, and unwavering professionalism. While we take great pride in our ability to deliver exceptional results, our commitment to our partners and clients extends far beyond merely meeting their expectations.

We understand that we act on behalf of organizations, and with this responsibility comes the duty to guide them on the best work principles, human resources advice, and company reputation. We approach every interaction with the utmost diligence, ensuring that our clients and partners not only receive outstanding service but also feel confident in the trust they’ve placed in us.

Our mission and values are more than just words on paper; they are the driving force that propels us forward. We remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering people, embracing technology, and being true and genuine partners. These principles guide us as we work to achieve our mission and continue to create a workplace and service environment that exemplify the very best of what Broadwing represents.

Jobs in Malta - Broadwing Recruitment

We are Ambitious

We are results-oriented and believe that your success is our success

We understand that the right recruitment choices contribute to our clients’ growth

We are experts – our professional know-how of recruitment and HR services is our forte

We are true to our commitments and promise

Jobs in Malta - Broadwing Recruitment

We believe in Collaboration

We believe in partnership and building sustainable and trusting relationships

We value and respect the contributions of everyone

We support our customers and colleagues in achieving their goals

Jobs in Malta - Broadwing Recruitment

We are Passionate about People

People are our business

We treat everyone with respect

We believe everyone is important and has valuable strengths

We are enthusiastic about matching the right person with the right career opportunity

We understand people and the world of business

Jobs in Malta - Broadwing Recruitment

We are Professional

We work and respond efficiently

We deliver what we promise

We are accountable

We understand your goals…they are our goals too

Broadwing HR & Recruitment

How We Express The Broadwing Vision

Broadwing is a specialist provider of complete recruitment solutions guaranteeing efficient and personalised Recruitment, HR Training & Consultancy services with maximum confidentiality. We believe in building meaningful relationships by matching highly-qualified individuals to employers of equally high standards.













The Maltese Falcon (Peregrine)

The Peregrine Falcon, also known as The Maltese Falcon has a typical wingspan of three and a half feet and can drop into a steep, swift dive that can top 200mph – is synonymous with Malta because of the deed signed with Charles V of Spain when the Knights of St John were granted the Maltese islands in fief, and had to pay a nominal rent of a falcon on All Saints’ day each year.

Today, the return and successful breeding of the peregrine is a good omen indeed, because it is the apex predator in our natural environment. We create brands to protect and ensure the highest care for these magnificent birds of prey, as well as to reintroduce this native species to Malta.

How We Express The Broadwing Brand

The Broadwing Name

The name Broadwing is used to describe a bird of prey that is characterised by a large and wide wingspan. These are commonly known as buzzards but eagles are also included in the same category. Broadwings hunt large prey which they target from above. Thanks to their powerful wings and heavy bodies, these hunters are perfectly designed for soaring and sudden swooping while hunting prey with their robust talons. They are normally found operating across open, rolling countryside or in mountainous regions.

Inspired by the ancient falconry tradition which dates back to the 13th century when the European emperors used to send their best falconers to obtain the most valuable birds of Maltese origin.

Our recruiters, similar to the falconers, are specialised in scanning for the best talent across a vast pool, before – just like the broadwing birds, quickly darting to make the connection between the right skillset and requirements to ensure no great opportunity is missed.


Broadwing Recruitment - HR & Job Agency in Malta - Logo Icon

The Broadwing Logo

The regal and mighty bird of prey in flight, swooping down onto its next target. Our logo represents motion, precision, efficiency and great power.

The Broadwing Brand Colours

Broadwing Magenta

We chose Magenta as our primary colour since we wanted something bold and impressive which elicits feelings of innovation and creativity. It represents balance and harmony in all aspects of life, be it, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Magenta means movement, change, and transformation; a colour that announces; “I am moving forward. I am growing.”

It is the colour for the ambitious, the compassionate and the proactive.

Broadwing Purple

Like Magenta, the colour Purple represents balance and harmony. Purple is the product of the calming energy of blue mixed with the passion and energy of red. It is a regal colour, often associated with luxury and ambition whilst also being calming and nurturing.

We also see the colour purple in recruitment terminology. The term Purple Squirrel is used to describe an individual or candidate who perfectly fits the mould that a company is trying to fill through their recruitment process.

Employer Branding & Marketing

Facilitating growth through scalable Branding & Marketing. We assist companies with building and maintain healthy reputations which enable them to attract and retain top talent.

We connect top-tier talent with industry leading employers.

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