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Psychometric test system for accurate recruitment and employee development

JobMatch presents an educational and user-friendly testing system for recruitment and professional growth. Utilizing our matching tool, allows you to align and benchmark an individual with one of our 145 skilled and unskilled work-focused profiles and specifications, you likely possess the market’s most precise and effective tool for forecasting work performance.

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Personality Test

JobMatch Talent is a comprehensive and precise assessment designed for recruitment and professional growth, catering to both individuals and teams. The examination undergoes rigorous auditing and is certified by DNV.

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Screening Test

JobMatch Screen is derived from the DNV-certified JobMatch Talent assessment, albeit with a more condensed format. It can be completed within 10–15 minutes, and the screening tests are chosen according to the specific requirements of the job.

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Logic and Aptitude Test

JobMatch LogiQ is an assessment focusing on logic and aptitude. It evaluates skills such as logical perception, logical reasoning, mathematical proficiency, linguistic capability, and the ability to discern common threads within intricate contexts.

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By undergoing training and obtaining certification in JobMatch Talent, you can achieve full independence. Upon certification, you gain the capability to acquire tests at a substantially reduced cost, eliminating the necessity for our assistance in result interpretation.

Certified and Quality Assured

JobMatch Talent undergoes a comprehensive audit and certification process by DNV, Det Norske Veritas, in accordance with EFPA’s new test review model. The certification encompasses applications in work and occupational contexts, as well as development and selection. However, the optional supplementary work analysis, which includes various profiles for result comparison, is excluded from certification due to the variable nature of the profiles.

With a key focus on new technologies, Broadwing recognizes the evolving dynamics of the modern workplace, offering solutions and services that support HR departments in fostering a resilient thriving workforce.

The certification process involves a rigorous assessment of validity, reliability, and other psychometric factors. It confirms that JobMatch Talent meets EFPA’s stringent criteria for psychological tests, ensuring its effectiveness in predicting work performance and supporting employee development.

DNV - Occupational Test Tools - Certified
JobMatch Talent Certified

For All Professions

A deeper understanding of your strengths and blind spots.

Grow as a leader, hire better, and inspire high-performing teams beginning with a simple understanding of who you are at work. Our collaboration with JobMatch represents a significant leap forward, emphasizing not only enhanced recruitment processes but also placing continuous candidate development at the forefront. Clients will gain access to the JobMatch logic and assessment test, facilitating the identification of top-tier talent equipped with precise skills.

Build dream teams with the JobMatch Talent psychometric test system

The JobMatch Talent system is applicable across all levels of your organization. During the recruitment process, the results are tailored to highlight the factors crucial for making well-informed decisions.













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JobMatch Talent (JMT) is an in-depth precision test for recruitment and development, for both individual employees and managers as well as groups. JMT is certified by the world-leading certification body DNV, with a predictive validity of 0.63, higher than any other test on the Swedish market.

Jobmatch Sweden is a leading player in Sweden in the development of advanced recruitment technology, offering solutions designed to optimize the recruitment process. With a focus on predictive validity and a user-friendly platform, Jobmatch provides companies with tools to make well-informed and effective hiring decisions.

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