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Predict job success and improve employee performance by utilising the assessment solutions offered by the world’s leading talent optimisation provider.

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The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index empowers companies around the globe to overcome their greatest workplace challenges. Powered by 60+ years of behavioural science, cutting-edge software, and professional consulting from the world’s top workplace behaviour specialists, The Predictive Index helps companies understand how their people think and work so they can build dream teams, create better work, and foster a better world.

A deeper understanding of your strengths and blind spots.

Grow as a leader, hire better, and inspire high-performing teams beginning with a simple understanding of who you are at work. The 6-minute PI Behavioral Assessment identifies core behavioural drives that provide a clear picture of how you work and how you can collaborate best with others.

Build dream teams with The Predictive Index talent optimisation platform

Talent Acquisition Assessments

Talent Acquisition Assessments
  • Reducing hiring mistakes;
  • Ensure higher candidate job placement;
  • Have higher validity and reliability than other methods like CV, reference or interviews;
  • Ensure higher job engagement;
  • Strongest predictors for job performance;
  • Avoid biases in hiring and evaluation;
  • Prioritize and sort top candidates.

Talent Development Assessments

Talent Development Assessments
  • Increase self-awareness;
  • Identify areas for improvement;
  • Excellent for succession planning purposes;
  • Helps manage direct reports;
  • Improve leadership and specialist performance;
  • Build stronger teams;
  • Helps build relationships with others.

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Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral Assessment
  • Predicting work behaviours;
  • Available in 70+ languages;
  • Takes 6 min to complete;
  • High accuracy;
  • High validity and reliability;
  • Over 65 years of research.

Job Assessment

Job Assessment
  • Set key requirements for all positions;
  • Set job target alignment among stakeholders;
  • Ensures a high job fit ratio during the recruitment process;
  • Assist to build candidate pipeline;
  • Increase hiring speed and reduce hiring costs.

Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive Assessment
  • Assess learning ability;
  • High job performance predictor;
  • Assess numerical, verbal and spatial abilities;
  • Available in 70+ languages;
  • Takes 12 min to complete;
  • High job performance predictor;
  • High validity and reliability.

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Experience the power of the world’s leading talent optimisation platform.

A Predictive Index (PI) Test allows recruiters to evaluate the cognitive abilities, personality traits and behavioural tendencies of a potential employee, to determine if they are the right fit.

Dominance, Extraversion, Patience and Formality. Where these four factors lie in relation to the norm, and one another, providing a framework for understanding the workplace behaviour of candidates and employees.

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