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Through extensive industry research, competitor analysis, and internal knowledge, we were able to design & develop a bespoke, purpose-built recruitment platform that would compete with Malta’s already booming employment market, as a memorable contender amongst its many competitors.

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Job Placement Services

We connect top-tier talent with industry-leading employers.

Through our extensive database of potential career seekers and our international recruitment network of partners, we are able to respond quickly and effectively to clients’ requests. After we have met our esteemed clients onsite, to gain a full understanding of the business culture as well as the position we are engaged to handle, an extensive database search is carried out, resulting in an instant shortlist of handpicked resumes / CVs of potential pre-screened and pre-interviewed candidates.

We are generally able to forward the first short-list within a maximum of 2/3 working days.

Expansive Talent Pools - Broadwing Malta

Expansive Talent Pools

With one of the most comprehensive databases in Malta, we give employers access to a wide talent pool, locally and internationally. Fast, professional Recruitment Solution through Expansive Talent Search.

Exclusive Recruitment - Broadwing Malta

Exclusive Recruitment

We are in a position to sign exclusive agreements and prioritise them. Both parties will benefit from utilising time and resources in a more efficient way.

Recruitment & HR Industry Specialists - Broadwing Malta

Industry Specialists

Our industry expertise enables us to find the right role, person, or service to meet your requirements and match your vision. We are a favourite among job seekers, through the constant drive for excellence.

High Tech Recruitment - Broadwing Malta

High Tech Recruitment

Implementing technology has never been more critical to success in the recruitment industry. We know the mechanics required behind creating a robust Tech & Web Infrastructure.

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We connect top-tier talent with industry leading employers.

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