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Architect and Civil Engineer

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Job Description

Company Introduction

Our client is a leading company in the hospitality, development and construction sectors.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Reporting to the CEO;
  • Review architectural drawings and produce documents accordingly;
  • Ensure projects are in compliance with the local regulations;
  • Ensure that every single document related to the project is well maintained and there is no gap of communication between clients, architects, construction team, and the local authorities;
  • Review project bids, determining practicality of designs and creating cost analysis reports;
  • Prepare and oversee project budgets along with completion date;
  • Visit sites and ensure related paper works are as per legal regulations for obtaining construction permission;
  • Plan and prepare applications for building permits and agreements;
  • Liaise with local government officials, architects and construction teams;
  • File and document all records related to construction projects.


  • Bachelor of Engineering and Architecture (Hons);
  • 5 years professional experience in high quality commercial or hospitality projects ;
  • Experience in coordinating construction projects;
  • Experience in overseeing design of projects;
  • Knowledge and experience working with local building MEPA regulations, zoning and other applicable laws.

Personal Skills 

  • Excellent architectural background and organizational skills;
  • Ability  to support multiple projects simultaneously;
  • Ability to interact and coordinate effectively with integrated teams of specialists whether within the office or remotely;
  • Expert in AutoCAD and producing construction documents;
  • Ability to coordinate with multiple teams involved in projects;
  • Skilled in reviewing blueprints and suggesting necessary changes;
  • Skilled at data management, maintaining records, and tracking project status;
  • Have a strong work ethic and the willingness to learn and lead;
  • Ambitious, out-of-the-box thinker;
  • Reliable, focused, and detail-oriented;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of building materials and construction details;
  • Excellent oral, written and graphic communication skills;
  • Excellent decision-making skills and a highly resourceful problem solver.



Tags: Building Codes, Building Construction, Construction Administration, Drawing, English, Organisational and Time Management, Project Management, Written and Oral English Communication

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