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Technical Designer

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Job Description

Company Introduction

Our client is a leading player in the security sector.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Reporting to the projects Department;
  • Coordination of bid preparation, project planning, budgeting, and resource identification;
  • Maintains proactive, dynamic and effective communication with customers at all times;
  • Offers flexible and helpful customer service to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and repeat business;
  • Design all aspects of projects from inception to completion of design including costing and ensure accurate engineering;
  • Develop and maintain relationship with the engineers, consultants and decision makers within the customer’s organisations;
  • Execution of projects on time, in safety, in budget and in accordance with the specifications of the contract;
  • Checking and managing the budget, tracking expenses and minimizing exposure and risks in the project;
  • Maintain all data updated and ensure proper sorting of documents including client acceptance;
  • Respond to all customer questions and requests in a timely and efficient manner;
  • Carry out regular follow-ups and keep track record accordingly;
  • Maintain all Engineering Data updated;
  • Provides overall direction to project teams in technical, commercial and operational matters and general direction to various support departments;
  • Create new project opportunities within (up selling) and outside (cross selling) the contract scope (Variations);
  • Documented any changes in designs has to be filed in an easily trackable manner and ensure client acceptance is adhered to in writing in line with the project plans;
  • Ensure proper sorting of technical and non-technical documents;
  • Clarify subsequent purchase order receipt and to prepare detailed handover documentation in a timely manner for projects;
  • Ensure compliance with the company's management policies and procedures;
  • Make research for new products;
  • Preparation of the project plan, from start to finish, execution, costs, installation, commissioning and delivery;
  • Pre-plans jobs and deploys a prioritized work schedule with appropriate time deadline targets;
  • The job varies between office work and site coordination, surveys and meetings;
  • Provide progress reports and notes as directed by the Superiors;
  • Leads a team within a demanding and dynamic environment;
  • Plans the appropriate methodology and instigates the appropriate controls;
  • Monitoring and communication with the superiors of the work program, ongoing projects when issues are envisaged;
  • Takes full responsibility for the outcome of the delegated work;
  • Promotes and maintains awareness and compliance of H&S in accordance with best practice and legal requirement.


  • Experience in a similar role with knowledge of using financial data to improve profitability and control project budgets.

Personal Skills

  • Extreme organization skills, confidence, and attention to detail;
  • Be accountable for the assigned tasks;
  • Empower subordinates by delegating responsibilities;
  • Works on own initiative and operate under minimal supervision;
  • Time management skills;
  • Supports management reporting, information flow and organisational planning;
  • Teamwork.
Tags: Attention to Detail, budgeting, Health and Safety, Organizational, Project Management, Technical

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