Job Title

Media Buyer

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  • Position:
  • Salary: Competitive Salary
  • Location: St Julian's, Malta
  • Job ID: 08557
Required Skills

Job Description

Company Introduction

Our client is an outsourcing company specializing in the management of strategic activities.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Work with campaign stakeholders to develop a buying strategy for each campaign, including ad formats, user targeting, SSPs, bid strategy, and so on;
  • Set up and launch programmatic campaign buys;
  • Calculate and manage bids; 
  • Win rates, and CPM goals;
  • Monitor live campaigns and adjust delivery to meet pacing goals; 
  • Optimize toward CPI/CPA goals, and iterate on strategy as needed;
  • Communicate with third-party vendors to create custom audience segments;
  • Work with the Programmatic Partnership Manager to monitor and adjust campaign inventory as needed to meet goals;
  • Monitor and troubleshoot win rates across various exchanges.


  • Have at least 2 years’ experience within the field of programmatic media buying and campaign management in mobile advertising, with experience in arbitrating performance campaigns (Especially in DV360, Taboola, Outbrain);
  • Hold a BS/BA in Marketing, Communications, Advertising, or related field;
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel;
  • Knowledge of third-party ad serving technology, digital analytics tools, and reporting with real-time bidding experience.

Personal Skills

  • Ability to prioritize and triage workflow according to the team and company's growing needs;
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills;
  • Strong attention to detail.

Recruitment Consultant

Sectors Finance, Accounts, Insurance, Banking, Payments


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