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Finding and investing in top talent is key to staff retention that leads to overall organizational success. In today’s competitive environment the effective organisation has to cater for its’ ever-increasing needs of developing its’ human capital whilst simultaneously ensuring that this remains viable.

Developing your organisation’s key competencies necessarily means investing in the continuous development of staff to cope with their work demands, to meet their skill shortages and to eventually add value to what the organisation is doing, this becomes the cornerstone of the organisation’s success in today’s fast-paced digital economy.

However, many times the training identified does not result in the desired benefits – we normally shift responsibility onto the employee for not having learnt well what has been taught, but could this be the result of a mismatch between the training identified and the training given?

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”  – Confucius

Learning and development programs have an important role to play in attracting, keeping and promoting your staff to become top players.

Effective eLearning Solutions combined with Face-to-Face Training Interaction should result in an organisation having the ability to identify and make the best use of its’ available resources to meet organisational challenges through a variety of learning activities.  The success of training activities is usually seen in the additional value that is created in organisational performance.

Talent and skilled resources are the core of any tech company and therefore, Tech.mt welcomes this initiative, aimed at strengthening human resources in the fast-paced digital economy. Indeed, this is in line with Tech.mt’s commitment in promoting the industry in order to attract human resources to Malta and in turn aid growth in the tech industry. Tech.mt will remain committed to assist the technology and innovation sector to grow.

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Information Systems Limited are delighted to announce that they have appointed Broadwing Limited as their authorized agents for the Skillsoft range of solutions.

Simon Calleja-Urry (director & founding partner at ISL) commented that this partnership allows ISL to offer Skillsoft’s solutions through Broadwing’s extensive network, knowledge & expertise of the labour market.

Alan Cini & Ben Pace Lehner (directors and founding partners at Broadwing) commented that this opportunity will complement the list of Recruitment and HR services offered by the company. Organisations will be able to leverage and upskill their employees by gaining access to content that will change the way you see modern learning.

“We are well positioned to address learning & development training needs and empower any organization or learner to ride the wave of digital transformation.”

The award-winning technology and content will be delivered through Skillsoft’s intelligent and immersive learning experience platform called Percipio, providing over 500 channels on Leadership, Business, Digital Skills, IT Skills and Certifications. With Percipio, we believe that true learning is achieved and experienced by supporting people in the flow of work – Watch. Read. Listen. Practice.

Skillsoft Expert Collections are in-depth learning solutions designed to engage and support the required skills that critical team leaders and specialists across the workforce need to be efficient, effective, and innovative. In addition to the largest collection of video-based courses available today, this collection includes high-value interactive content like certification prep, mentoring, and practice opportunities powerful tools to really experience new technology, test management situations, and more.

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Is your business ready to start eLearning? We are eLearning Specialists.

Gain access to content that will change the way you see modern learning. Experience Percipio, the intelligent learning platform from Skillsoft curated with over 500 channels on Leadership, Business, Digital Skills, and IT Skills and Certifications.

Written By :

Alan Cini

Co-Founder, Director at BROADWING Job Placement Agency. Following extensive experience and expertise within the IT, Digital and Marketing industries. Engaged in Software Development, Graphic Design and Search Engine Optimisation.

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