GanaEight Coin ICO

BROADWING Recruitment attending the G8C Token Launch Party this evening. Ganapati Group’s GanaEight Coin ICO (G8C Token) offers new gaming opportunity to revolutionize the online Casino Marketplace & spur the industry’s move to the blockchain.

Broadwing attending the G8C Token Launch Party

The G8C Token Launch Party was held on this evening at the exclusive Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar, and gained significant attention in Malta.

Mr Hayato Terai and Dr Kristina C. Deguar, the two CEOs of the G8C issuing company, sat down with the Prime Minister of Malta, to hand him a personal invitation to their upcoming launch and also updated the Prime Minister on the latest developments of their ICO.

The Prime Minister’s reaffirmed his full support for the project, which he recently offered to the Company during their talks in Japan. He welcomed G8C to Malta and expressed his excitement that the country is quickly becoming the Blockchain Island.

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