Broadwing Collaborates with cloudigo to promote HR Benefits

An unbeatable employee discount and reward mobile app that saves your people money.

Reward Your Workforce With Employee Benefits

Employee discounts are a meaningful way to support your employees, without the expense of a company-wide pay rise. They give employees significant monthly savings on essential and everyday purchases; from restaurants, retailers to wellness products, travel and more.


Your employees can start saving more money right away, on things they are already buying.


As part of Broadwing’s commitment to build upon the organisation’s accolades in providing a three-sixty approach towards employee benefits and overall satisfaction, the HR & recruitment agency teamed up with cloudigo – a unique discount and reward mobile app containing 800+ discounts from 300+ brands in Malta and Gozo that makes your voluntary benefits programme stand out from the competition.  It improves your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and shows appreciation towards your current and future employees.

Broadwing rewards employees and clients with cloudigo Corporate subscription for Christmas

Founded in 2018, cloudigo is an innovative digital platform that connects brands with subscribers through targeted offers and rewards, improving your employees’ day-to-day lives with meaningful financial support that stretches their disposable income. With cloudigo companies are able to attract and retain top candidates with a high-ROI benefit to delight their people without the expense of a company-wide pay rise, as well as extending employees’ disposable income through significant savings and rewards. With a fanbase of over 60,000 users, cloudigo’s story keeps growing by launching several new features, including a corporate plan, games, quizzes, and much much more!

As part of its’ commitment to promoting employee benefits, rewards, and wellness, Broadwing gifted 300 cloudigo Premium Subscriptions to employees and clients that have been loyal towards the brands journey in 2022.


Boost your Employee Value Proposition ideas with a comprehensive employee discounts programme – cloudigo for Corporates

In late 2021, cloudigo introduced the mobile application for Corporates whereby companies out there can buy cloudigo for their staff as an employee perk or gift. The idea is for companies to help their employees save money, especially during this inflationary period.

Benefits for Employees

  • 800+ offers from 300+ brands
  • Additional exclusive offers available for corporate users only
  • The luxury of saving hundreds of Euro each year
cloudigo discount app

Benefits for Companies

  • Improve the wellbeing of its employees
  • Increase employee loyalty towards the company
  • Potentially reduce staff turnover

How does cloudigo corporate work?

  1. After a deal is sealed, each employee is rewarded with a unique code digitally or else physically via our cloudigo branded activation packs
  2. The employee needs to simply download the cloudigo app, create an account and activate his/her code to start saving money

Why is cloudigo unique as opposed to other employee perks in the market?

  • cloudigo is a subscription of minimum 12 months, therefore it isn’t consumed at one go. The employee has a minimum of 12 whole months to constantly benefit from cloudigo and save money
  • Employees gain access to 800+ discounts from 300+ brands
  • Employees can also be further rewarded with digital gift vouchers
  • cloudigo acts as a loyalty program for companies outsourcing any private discounts they currently offer to their employees and manage using excel files. Instead these are outsourced to cloudigo to handle and manage on one unique innovative mobile app; the cloudigo app

A few of the top brands offering discounts on cloudigo…

cloudigo - A Corporate & Employee Discount Benefit with over 250+ brands

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