Broadwing Recruitment delivers Psychometric Assessment Solutions

In this evolving setting, HR departments face unprecedented challenges in comprehensively fulfilling their roles and understanding the unique needs of their workforce.

Broadwing Recruitment delivers Psychometric Assessment Solutions, signs exclusive partnership with Sweden-based JobMatch Talent

JobMatch Sweden, a leading player in the personality and talent assessment sector, has announced a strategic partnership with Malta-based employment agency, Broadwing Recruitment. This collaboration grants Broadwing exclusive rights to offer JobMatch’s DNV-certified organizational psychological test system in both the Maltese and Luxembourgish markets.

Broadwing Recruitment aims to offer solutions that provide organizations with valuable insights. The partnership with JobMatch aligns seamlessly with Broadwing’s vision of identifying core behavioural drivers to gain a comprehensive understanding of employee dynamics and enhance collaboration within teams.

Focusing on the entire employee lifecycle, Broadwing aims to optimize processes around design, hiring, inspiration, diagnosis, and evaluation. With JobMatch HR Solutions, the company aims to create measurable results by emphasizing the key resource: people. The collaboration introduces end-to-end talent assessment services, tools, and guidance designed to accurately measure human capital and align business strategy with people strategy.

In short, we want to offer solutions that give organisation’s insight. Therefore, identifying core behavioural drives that provide a clear picture of how employees work and how they can collaborate best with others.

Traditional techniques often struggle to address issues related to ineffective productivity, people disengagement, and poor communication. Broadwing, however, employs science and data-driven methods to optimize talent management strategies. The strategic partnership with JobMatch Talent will further fortify Broadwing’s capabilities to help organizations understand internal human resources better, thereby improving hiring and retention rates, enhancing productivity, and driving business results.

Commenting on the partnership, Alan Cini, Owner and Managing Director at Broadwing Limited, stated, “Our collaboration with JobMatch Talent positions Broadwing as a distinctive player in the recruitment landscape. It offers a unique blend of traditional recruitment services and a cutting-edge skill assessment tool, aligning with our forward-thinking approach to talent acquisition and development.”

The collaboration represents a significant leap forward for Broadwing, emphasizing not only enhanced recruitment processes but also placing continuous candidate development at the forefront. Clients will gain access to the JobMatch logic and assessment test, facilitating the identification of top-tier talent equipped with precise skills. This alliance sets the stage for comprehensive initiatives, including upskilling endeavours, strategic replacement plans, and meticulous succession planning strategies.

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About Broadwing Recruitment:

Broadwing Recruitment is an employment agency that focuses its resources on identifying unparalleled, highly qualified individuals across all skilled disciplines. With a key focus on new technologies, Broadwing recognizes the evolving dynamics of the modern workplace, offering solutions and services that support HR departments in fostering a resilient thriving workforce.

About Jobmatch Talent:

Jobmatch Talent is an occupational psychology test for recruitment and development, catering to individual employees, managers, and groups. The DNV-certified test is designed to predict actual job performance, offering valuable insights for recruitment and professional development strategies.

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