Broadwing revamps state-of-the-art website, providing several web enhancements

Supported by cutting-edge technologies and an approach that embraces innovation, Broadwing is a specialist provider of complete recruitment solutions guaranteeing efficient and personalised Recruitment, HR Training & Consultancy services with maximum confidentiality.

A Leading Recruitment Website in Malta

Utilising Broadwing’s award-winning experience in employment and recruitment in Malta and across the EU. Broadwing Limited recently launched a new and improved recruitment portal and career website offering more features through a modern interface optimised for the users’ experience.

This forms a part of the constant commitment of Broadwing to delivering a top-notch candidate and client experience, while providing its recruiters with the best tools to exceed their targets.

Technology has always been a key aspect Broadwings’ philosophy for success, and with the impact of COVID, implementing technology has never been more critical to success in the recruitment industry.  More than just a luxury, agencies that do not take advantage of technology are at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to delivering a top-tier candidate and client experience.

Through extensive industry research, competitor analysis, and internal knowledge, the maturing job placement agency was able to design & develop a bespoke, purpose-built recruitment platform that would compete with Malta’s already booming employment market, as a memorable contender amongst its many competitors.

Broadwing revamps state-of-the-art website, providing several web enhancements

Facilitating growth through scalable branding and marketing

Speaking to the directors at Broadwing, Ben Pace Lehner and Alan Cini, both owners of the sister company, Rocksteady Digital Agency – fuelling the brands’ back office and assisting with building and maintaining healthy reputations, enabling Broadwing to attract and retain top talent.

Ben maintains “a well-thought-out strategy is crucial to the success of any project and ensures that the business’ objectives are met. This project was positioned between the business’ operational goals and its marketing strategy. We utilised effective process driven achievements to support all the projects objectives through comprehensive research and analysis”.

“We needed to ensure that our expectations of the new website were realistic and viable before moving into action and therefore we set off with an exhaustive discovery and planning phase. During this, we assessed the existing websites usage and server logs, google analytics, search console and heatmaps to gain quantitative insight into what works and what does not”, Alan affirms.

The approach is data-led and 100% audience-focused, which allows the creative organisation to solve problems in the most impactful and measurably effective way. This is achieved by putting people first and creating, designing, and launching user-centric experiences that redefine industries in a constantly evolving digital era.

The company forms a team of creators that live and breathe digital, uniting some of the most skilled, passionate, and inquisitive minds in the industry. Focussing on gaining an in-depth perspective of “what people want and expect” as part of their qualitative analysis. They assessed the findings from the curated “feature wish list” and the analysis of competitor websites, market trends, web design trends, and several discovery meetings and workshops.

Through the above, the founders compiled a detailed and accurate project plan in line with the business’ strategy however there were still two key aspects that needed to be factored in, namely the time available to deliver the project, and having a contingency plan in case any part of the project caused delays to the launch of the new website.

Broadwing revamps state-of-the-art website, providing several web enhancements
Broadwing revamps state-of-the-art website, providing several web enhancements
Broadwing revamps state-of-the-art website, providing several web enhancements
Broadwing revamps state-of-the-art website, providing several web enhancements

Building the Broadwing Ltd. Brand

While building the Broadwing brand, we wanted to create something that clearly represents our purpose, our method and our values.

We connect top-tier talent with industry leading employers.

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