How Broadwing Recruitment Is Paving the Way for Sustainable Business Practices

April 22nd serves as a global day of action for environmental conservation and sustainability awareness. At Broadwing, we emphasise the importance of community building alongside business endeavors, highlighting the significance of sustainable practices and environmental stewardship within our operations in Malta.

How Broadwing Recruitment Is Paving the Way for Sustainable Business Practices

April 22nd marks a global call to action – a day when individuals worldwide pause to acknowledge the significance of environmental conservation and the pursuit of sustainability. This date should be more than a mere reminder; it should be a catalyst for extending their influence beyond just business and into the realm of community building. Broadwing Recruitment recognises its unique position, and since people are at the heart of everything, it is crucial to emphasise the importance of building and reserving those communities to work together. As a recruitment company, Broadwing is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. In Malta, recruitment agencies have vast opportunities to adopt different green practices into their operations. Broadwing has embraced this wholeheartedly by understanding the power of simple daily actions in reducing waste and fostering eco-friendly habits amongst employees and teams. The company has undertaken several opportunities to improve the company-wide processes, all while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Transitioning everything on paper into digital versions has been transformative and has helped to drastically reduce paper waste. Broadwing encourages every candidate to submit their CVs and application materials electronically, providing clear guidelines and instructions to facilitate this process. Although not all paper use is avoidable, there are robust recycling protocols set in place to ensure the staff adheres to them. While it is not possible to completely eliminate one’s environmental footprint, even the smallest efforts can lead to substantial reductions.


The digitalisation at Broadwing does not stop at documentation – the team has also revolutionised networking by introducing digital business cards with QR codes and has stopped printing all physical business cards. This initiative not only helps every recruiter contribute to sustainable activities, but it has enriched the connectivity. The digital cards integrate seamlessly with online profiles, can be shared through various applications and are easily displayed on mobile devices, offering greater utility than their physical counterparts ever did. This shows that changes do not always come at a cost – instead, they can provide a new set of opportunities.

Broadwing’s dedication to environmental awareness does not stop with internal practices, but the company has also put emphasis on raising awareness in several important campaigns. While Earth Day is often viewed as a crucial movement for environmental conservation, it is important to recognise that it has a broader impact on companies all across the globe. Broadwing Recruitment actively supports numerous campaigns and charities, recognising that building a sustainable future is a collective endeavour. The involvement ranges from raising awareness about health issues such as breast and testicular cancer to championing LGBTQ rights through several initiatives.

Community impact is something we hold close to our hearts and have measured since day one. At Broadwing, we are strong advocates for incorporating sustainability into our company culture.

– Alan Cini, Managing Director

Promoting Sustainability and Community Engagement at Broadwing Recruitment

At the heart of Broadwing is the support for a harmonious work-life balance, which is vital for the well-being of employees and the sustainability of the communities. Happy and healthy employees are more engaged and therefore more willing to participate in various activities and follow ecological guidelines. What is more, while advocating for diversity and inclusion among employees and candidates, Broadwing partners up with sustainable businesses that prioritise environmentally conscious practices, expanding the network of communities working towards a shared goal.

While it is important to regularly review your sustainability procedures and goals every once in a while, it is pivotal to provide training for your teams on these sustainable practices. Offering training programs and resources such as workshops on waste reduction and energy efficiency to clients, candidates as well as employees keeps the communities both informed and proactive. Implementing metrics which help track the environmental impact of the recruitment activities and regularly reporting progress can keep teams on the right track.

Earth Day is not only a call to individual action but also a profound opportunity for companies. Collective decision-making in the workplace can accelerate the progress on environmental preservation. Strong community relationships inspire companies to embrace change, propelling them toward a more sustainable future. Major shifts often have their roots in subtle, internal practices. Broadwing Recruitment is committed to embracing the change with unwavering enthusiasm and is always working to implement more sustainable, socially responsible activities and guidelines.

We recognise the importance of promoting a work-life balance and prioritising the employees’ well-being. Besides just contributing to a more sustainable future, we are also fostering a happier and more engaged workforce.

– Ben Pace Lehner, Director

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