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Recruitment can be a minefield for companies keen to acquire and train the best talent on the market. Rebecca Anastasi speaks to professionals in the field to understand the most effective hiring techniques and trends in Malta.

Interview: An Innovative Talent Acquisition Strategy in 2019

Could you please give me a little bit of background on your firm? When was it set up and what is its core area of business?

Broadwing is a dynamic, forward thinking recruitment agency based in Malta committed to providing an agile and effective service to its clients and candidates alike. We utilise cutting-edge technology, a world-renowned CRM and a team of professional recruiters to identify unparalleled and highly-qualified individuals across all our disciplines. We setup the company in January 2018, combining entrepreneurship and various specialisations allowing our company to adapt and excel in an ever-changing and challenging employment market.

Is recruitment a priority for your firm?

Recruitment is the core competence of the business with a focus on attracting, shortlisting, appointing and selecting suitable candidates for the placement of permanent, part-time or contract staff for our clients. We offer the essential employment expertise required in Malta’s candidate driven market. Our professional recruiters are experienced in a broad range of industries including: Accountancy & Financial Services, Online Gaming & IT, Sales & Marketing, Legal & Compliance as well as Hospitality & Catering.

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What would you consider to be an innovative way to target the right candidates for your clients?

With the current employment landscape and a lack of resources recruiters need to be smart in their approach; utilising their time in the best way possible. At Broadwing we combine the use of accurate and up-to-date data with AI-driven technology to ensure we utilise our time effectively and efficiently when matching candidates to active roles. This allows recruiters to focus on screening candidates and ensuring compatibility with the hiring company’s culture. The analysis of our candidate data allows us to target the right candidate sources for specific industries and roles. We also leverage our international network of recruitment partners to find overseas jobs for our candidates and fill the local skills gap through the relocation of foreign nationals to Malta. We believe this Safe Landing Programme is essential in today’s market and allows us to attract a larger and much more diverse talent pool.

“Adopt innovative technologies, maintain accurate data and prioritise the human element”

Ben Pace Lehner, Director, Broadwing Recruitment

What is required for your recruitment process to work?

There are several aspects to getting our recruitment approach to work, starting with a thorough evaluation of the current recruitment methodology, with last years’ GDPR deadline having been a great opportunity to achieve this through comprehensive documentation of all our processes and stored data. Recruiters must also improve their communication skills with clients and companies alike in order to accurately assess and record the expectations of both parties.

What are the most critical aspects to consider when implementing this innovative way to target the right talent?

The most critical aspects to our recruitment processes are in maintaining accurate data and ensuring that a human element is present from beginning to end. Although technology plays a vital role in the modern world that we live in, recruitment is ultimately about people. By utilising thoroughly trained recruiters we are able to offer a personal approach, matching candidates not only by their skills and experience but also their personality and cultural fit. These expert recruiters are also able to offer support, guidance and motivation to struggling candidates while ensuring that no good candidates are skipped by the AI algorithms.

Written By :

Ben Pace Lehner

Co-founder and IT Director of Broadwing Employment Agency. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges with a special interest in the HR, IT, Corporate and iGaming sectors.

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