Navigating the Evolving Workplace Dynamics With Psychometric Testing

Workplace dynamics have undergone significant changes. The emergence of remote work has led companies to adopt hybrid models, recognising that such arrangements can actually boost employee productivity.

Unlock your success with the power of psychometric testing

Navigating the Evolving Workplace Dynamics With Psychometric Testing

Workplace dynamics have changed, with some periods bringing more drastic adjustments than others. After Covid-19, the topic of remote working emerged and companies began realising that opting for a hybrid working model does not reduce employee productivity, but instead seems to enhance it in most cases (as long as there are proper protocols and structures). Changes have been gradually happening for a long time. For the generation of Baby Boomers, remaining with one employer for their entire career was the norm, until Millennials began to disrupt this tradition by strategically transitioning between jobs.

With these changing workplace dynamics, the needs of employees and employers have also evolved. Alongside these shifts, other things must be considered as well. Employers are not only looking for committed and productive employees, but ones who align with the company vision, root for its success and believe in its growth. On the other hand, employees are no longer looking only for benefits related to compensation and vacation leave, but they seek development opportunities, along with engaged and functional teams. Everything in the field is in constant change, and it can seem complex to manage as a leader or an employer.

Navigating through change does not have to be so confusing if you know where to turn. There are endless amounts of research studies available online, or you can turn to other working people and ask for advice. Yet, if you want to be truly sure that you are doing the right thing, and not waste hours browsing the web unsuccessfully to avoid reading 100-page studies, you might want to consider something a bit more innovative. Nordic countries have long adopted psychometric testing into their toolkit. The data-based occupational psychology tests offer valuable insights into a person’s work-related skills and behaviours, as well as cognitive abilities, enabling leaders to make informed decisions from recruitment to retention.

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While most people think psychometric testing could only be useful for recruitment processes only, as it allows you to analyse whether a person would be a good fit for the job, team and company. However, by leveraging the testing system, you can get insights into much more.

Do you know your current employees? Do you know how much mental stimulation they require? How much do they long for new development opportunities or do they rather need a stable, solid work environment? How much do they need to socialise and is there a chance you are making your whole team come to events and after-work activities without knowing if everyone feels comfortable enough to be there? Every employee is different but understanding them is made easier than ever with today’s technology.

The times of putting your employees into a box and expecting them to work the same are over. If you want employees to be truly engaged and productive, you need to understand their differences and how to accommodate them. The psychometric testing system of JobMatch gives you insights into all these questions and much more.

Navigating the Evolving Workplace Dynamics With Psychometric Testing 2

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As an employer, you can understand what your leadership style should be to make teams work, and how you should approach aspects such as performance reviews, providing feedback and navigating through team-building processes.

Psychometric testing is much more than those 10-question personality tests you can access online. Our testing solutions are made to accommodate the needs of changing organisations. Embracing these testing tools can help you build high-performance teams, enhance employee engagement, and drive organisational growth. But most of all, it can help employers and employees understand each other, develop together, and embrace the changes collectively.

If you are considering implementing psychometric testing for employees in your organisation, it’s important to work with professionals who specialise in designing and interpreting these tests to ensure that they are used effectively and ethically. At Broadwing, all of our consultants have undergone thorough training and assessment to attain JobMatch Talent certification.

Both JobMatch Talent and JobMatch LogiQ are certified by DNV. DNV certification ensures a test’s fulfilment of its purpose with comprehensive scientific documentation on validity and psychometrics. This process delineates the test’s applications, providing clarity on reliability for both buyers and suppliers.

Unlock your success with the power of psychometric testing

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