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Unlocking the Secrets to Employee Retention in Today’s Competitive Job Market

Unlocking the Secrets to Employee Retention in Today's Competitive Job Market: The question that organizations should shift to is: Why Are the People Who Are Staying, Staying?

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Navigating the Maze of Employee Retention and Company Culture

Navigating the Maze of Employee Retention and Company Culture: The question that looms large is: Are you losing your team at a faster rate than you're building it?

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Revolutionizing Digital Competence: A journey through the transformation of learning

In an era marked by rapid technological evolution, the world of learning is undergoing a profound metamorphosis. From traditional classroom settings to contemporary online experiences, the quest for knowledge has taken on a dynamic form.

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Engaging in the Information Technology Sector in Malta

Malta has positioned itself as a quality, creative, tech-savvy country, through the significant potential of the technology sector, boasting on the economic performance and financial stability of the island.

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Broadwing Training and Learning Opportunities

We have introduced a comprehensive training program aimed at fostering our professional development and knowledge enhancement. By empowering our team members through continuous learning, we are dedicated to nurturing their skills and promoting a collaborative work environment.

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Celebrating 5 Years of HR & Recruitment

This year marks our 5th Year Anniversary, as we proudly celebrate the successes and resilience of the HR and Recruitment Sector in Malta and Europe. A mission to be true and genuine partners, guided by our core principle of being ‘Empowered by People’.

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Broadwing Collaborates with cloudigo to promote HR Benefits

As part of Broadwing’s commitment to build upon the organisation’s accolades in providing a three-sixty approach towards employee benefits and overall satisfaction, the HR & recruitment agency teamed up with cloudigo.

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Employment rights and the Gig Economy

Several “Gig Economy” business models have emerged in Malta in recent years, with cab-hailing services, courier delivery services and outsourcing platforms occupying a significant part of the employment market.

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Ways to increase recruiter performance from an employment agency perspective

Silvija Ciurlionyte joined Broadwing in 2019 bringing her knowledge in Finance and Economics. She has been continuously researching and finding ways to improve recruiters’ KPI’s and targets as well as overall employee satisfaction.

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