SiGMA - The World's Gaming Festival 2019

Broadwing Job Placement Agency attends SiGMA - iGaming Malta 2018 event. A highly interactive, unconventional experience that leveraged attendees expertise and experience generating endless opportunity and exposure to our brand and as a whole.

SiGMA – It’s Showtime! and That’s a Wrap

In recent years, the iGaming industry in Malta has flourished making it a hub for some of the biggest players in the game and home to SiGMA, one of the largest iGaming conferences in Europe. A labyrinth of the hottest institutions, the ultimate place to be. With Malta’s iGaming industry thriving, it’s the perfect place for industry experts to network, showcase and connect with like-minded individuals.

Walking into SiGMA, there was no shortage of innovation. Over 300 iGaming companies circulated around the event exposing their talents through hackathons, poker tournaments, workshops, expos and conferences. With the industry changing so rapidly there’s always something new to learn. Being on top of the game is vital and falling behind is not an option. Events like SiGMA embrace the pace and offer the opportunity to meet key people in an informal, relaxed and colourful environment.

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One of the biggest pros of attending the event was the value we received from having conversations with the likes of CTO’s and Heads of Operations/Talent, to name a few. Getting advice from exhibitors with so much hands-on experience is invaluable. As well as meeting many new faces, we connected with people who’d attended past SiGMA events and The Malta Blockchain Summit. Non-the-less the recent G8C Token Launch Party held at the exclusive Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar, gained significant attention in Malta. These events are a great place to understand industry trends, get involved, and meet the leaders in the industry.

With a vast array of conferences and workshops, there was something for the whole team to get stuck into. Everyone had a chance to familiarise themselves with areas they were passionate about. You’d think that seventy-two hours of constant networking through the summit, dinners and drinks would be enough, but there was no shortage of fun activities to embark on. It was a great team bonding event encouraging everyone to be proactive with colleagues from other teams and departments.

It was a highly interactive, unconventional experience that leveraged attendees expertise and experience generating endless opportunity and exposure to our brand and as a whole. After visiting the daily events, the after parties were memorable – We socialised and met some great individuals at Hugo’s Terrace, and the Hilton dance floor was filled with LED light up robot dancers – think Sentinel (X-men) vs Atom (Real Steel) but with more caffeine.

With the iGaming industry’s growth not looking like it’s stopping anytime soon it was a key place to interact with revolutionary superstars and get a taste of what’s next.

We can’t wait for the next one!

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Written By :

Alan Cini

Co-Founder, Director at BROADWING Job Placement Agency. Following extensive experience and expertise within the IT, Digital and Marketing industries. Engaged in Software Development, Graphic Design and Search Engine Optimisation.

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