Broadwing Training and Learning Opportunities

We have introduced a comprehensive training program aimed at fostering our professional development and knowledge enhancement. By empowering our team members through continuous learning, we are dedicated to nurturing their skills and promoting a collaborative work environment.

Broadwing remains committed to delivering ongoing professional and personal development opportunities.

A significant factor in our success has been our unwavering focus on building an open-minded corporate culture. At Broadwing, we place great emphasis on leadership, inclusion, diversity, and integrity. We believe that fostering these values is crucial in navigating the demanding landscape of today’s job market. It is this dedication to creating a supportive and inclusive environment that has contributed to our achievements.

Broadwing Recruitment - Celebrating 5 Years

Excelling at Customer Service: IT’S AN ATTITUDE!

Customer care is not just a set of actions or procedures, but it’s an attitude we embrace. It’s about going above and beyond to meet and exceed customer expectations. To cultivate positive attitudes, Broadwing applies several techniques. Firstly, adjusting our vocabulary to use positive and supportive language when interacting with candidates and clients, alike. Secondly, actively seeking solutions to customer issues rather than dwelling on problems.

Additionally, smiling more often, showing appreciation, and surrounding ourselves with like-minded people contributes to an overall positive attitude. Practising gratitude, rewarding ourselves for achievements, and setting goals also help in maintaining a positive mindset. Getting enough rest, taking breaks, and engaging in self-reflection is essential for personal well-being and an affirmative approach.

Broadwing Training and Learning Opportunities
Broadwing Training and Learning Opportunities
Broadwing Training and Learning Opportunities

Our customers can be categorized into two groups

External customers and internal customers. External customers are the people who benefit from our products and services. They can be individuals or organisations that inquire about or use what we offer. Internal customers, on the other hand, include our colleagues, superiors, and other third parties who may be involved in our work or our company’s operations.

To achieve good customer care, there are several key principles we follow. We must make our clients and candidates feel important and valued by giving them our full attention and addressing their needs promptly. Acknowledging the customer’s presence and showing politeness in all interactions creates a positive experience. Being helpful and taking proactive actions to assist candidates is also crucial. Respect is essential in all interactions, treating both our clients and candidates with courtesy and professionalism. Having in-depth industry knowledge and being able to provide accurate information is vital for delivering excellent customer care.

Good customer care offers numerous benefits. It increases personal satisfaction at work and boosts productivity. It improves our business reputation and can lead to an increased market share. Providing excellent customer care can also bring better opportunities for growth and development. Additionally, positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers enhances our reputation and fosters more client satisfaction, ultimately contributing to a positive work environment.

Positive Attitudes

Positive attitudes play a vital role in delivering good customer care. Having a positive attitude means approaching interactions with customers in a friendly, helpful, and respectful manner. It involves maintaining a pleasant demeanour, being patient, and displaying a willingness to go the extra mile to assist customers. A positive attitude helps create a positive experience for customers and contributes to building long-term relationships.

Better Feeling… Better Mood!

Broadwing Training and Learning Opportunities
  • Adjust your vocabulary
  • Find solutions
  • Smile more often
  • Show your appreciation
  • Interact with positive people
  • Think rationally
  • Practice gratitude
  • Identify areas for improvement;
  • Reward yourself

Feel Good… A Better Me!

Broadwing Training and Learning Opportunities
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Develop goals
  • Train your body and mind
  • Get enough rest
  • Take breaks
  • Keep visual reminders
  • Learn new things
  • Think ahead
  • Engage in self-reflection

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Stay tuned for forthcoming updates and announcements regarding future training sessions, as Broadwing Recruitment maintains its dedication to providing continuous opportunities for professional and personal growth.

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Achieving Good Customer Care

Achieving good customer care involves several key aspects. Firstly, it is essential to understand customer expectations and strive to exceed them. This requires active listening, empathy, and personalized attention to each customer’s needs. Secondly, prompt and effective issue resolution is crucial. Responding to customer concerns in a timely manner, providing accurate information, and offering viable solutions contribute to good customer care. Additionally, maintaining open lines of communication, being transparent, and continuously seeking feedback from customers helps to identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall customer experience.

How to achieve good customer care?

Broadwing Training and Learning Opportunities
  • Make the customer feel IMPORTANT
  • Always ACKNOWLEDGE the customer
  • Be a POLITE person
  • Be HELPFUL with your actions
  • Show RESPECT
  • Be PROFESSIONAL – greet, smile, be well groomed, know your job, invite again, speak nicely
  • Information – PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE

Benefits of good customer care!

Broadwing Training and Learning Opportunities
  • Increases personal satisfaction at work
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves our business reputation
  • Increases our market share
  • Brings us better opportunities at work
  • Clients talk positively about us
  • Client satisfaction
  • Feeling better coming to work

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Broadwing's expert-driven service would hold its own against a nationally saturated market, being the leader in Malta offering complete recruitment solutions and a favourite among job seekers, through the constant drive for excellence.

The power of Teamwork: (T)OGETHER (E)VERYONE (A)CHIEVES (M)ORE!

Teamwork is about collaborating and working together towards a common goal. It involves everyone understanding their roles and responsibilities, as well as the overall objectives of the team and the company. It’s more than just a group of people working together; it’s a collective effort to achieve the best results for the team.

To ensure effective teamwork, commitment is crucial. As an organisation, we are committed to doing our best and going beyond what is expected of us willingly. It’s about doing the right thing even when no one is watching and being willing to sacrifice personal glory for the success of the team. Providing the right conditions and rewards for the team’s efforts is also important. And if we encounter something wrong within the team, it’s our responsibility to address it in the right way.

How can we ENSURE teamwork?

Broadwing Recruitment - Team & Office
  • Committed to doing good
  • Give more than expected willingly
  • Doing the right thing even when no one is watching
  • Sacrifice personal glory for team success
  • Receive the right conditions and rewards
  • Stop what is wrong in the right way

I am RESPONSIBLE to do my part right!

  • Everyone understands his/her role properly
  • Everyone knows the company/team’s objective
  • It is not just a group of people at work
  • It is a group effort contributing to the team
  • At times it means sacrificing personal glory


Broadwing Recruitment - Team & Office - Office Games
  • The will to care for others is paramount
  • Accept and embrace each others’ differences
  • Differences must be turned into strengths
  • Intellectual diversity: all aspects of opinions, experiences and perspectives
  • Psychological safety: to contribute without being ignored or criticized
  • A purpose that’s worth fighting for

Feel Good Broadwing!

Guarantees Results and Success!

In terms of responsibility, Broadwing believes that each of us is responsible for doing our part right. It’s not about blaming others or waiting for someone else to take action. We take ownership and fulfil our responsibilities to the best of our abilities.

Team differences are inevitable, but it’s crucial to care for, accept and embrace each other’s differences. Our differences can be turned into strengths when we collaborate effectively as a team.

The benefits of teamwork are numerous. It guarantees better results and success. It creates a better feeling and mood, fostering a positive work environment. By working together, we become better individuals and contribute to a better “us” overall.

At Broadwing, we recognize that a positive work environment, strong teamwork, increased productivity, and an improved customer experience are interconnected. By fostering collaboration, supporting our team members, and encouraging a positive mindset, we create an environment where everyone thrives and contributes to the success of our organisation and the satisfaction of our customers.

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