Outlook for Recruitment in 2019

Broadwing Recruitment's Director, Ben Pace Lehner, speaks with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, for The Commercial Courier Issue 81, to shine a light on what lies ahead for the leading businesses in Malta. Ben gives an insight into Broadwing's operations, progress and future plans, and an insight into the local employment market.

What’s next for Broadwing after an eventful 2018?

Overall, how was 2018 for Broadwing?

Being the first year of operations, 2018 was an exciting year for Broadwing and its directors. We have seen excellent growth thanks to a good work ethic, strong marketing campaign and a personal approach. While we’ve certainly had our ups and downs, as any start-up does, our team has always pulled together and been able to not only overcome obstacles but thrive in the highly competitive recruitment industry.

What were the company’s most important achievements?

Our biggest achievement was the launch of our website and optimised recruitment portal, synchronised with Bullhorn, the leading CRM & application tracking system used by the global recruitment industry. We are proud to have received excellent feedback on our portal and services, having been quoted by top companies in Malta as ‘a refreshing change’ in the recruitment market.  We are also very proud of the strong international network that we established this year, allowing us to better service companies in Malta which has a shortage of candidates needed to service an ever-growing economy. The team is always looking for ways to improve the candidate experience which led us to the launch of CheckMySalary.mt, a simple tool that calculates an individual’s NET salary.

What milestones has the company reached this year?

Without divulging any names our biggest milestone has been to sign up some of the biggest employers on the island across various industries including but not limited to financial services, legal, IT & gaming, and importation and distribution. Our on-boarding has been so effective that we were also able to sign on and service the catering, hospitality, and construction industries even though this was not part of our original plans. This has been possible thanks to our international recruitment partners in the UK, Poland, Romania, Germany, Portugal, India and South Africa to date, which have given us access to a much larger candidate pool than is available locally.

What are Broadwing’s priorities and goals for 2019?

Our plans for 2019 include offering more services to companies and candidates alike including training courses, and better relocation packages. We are also in the processing of developing a new job portal, yachtingcareers.com, which we plan to launch towards the end of Q3. We also have plans for the development of other free online tools related to the HR and recruitment industry. Our team is focussed on improving the screening process for clients while safeguarding the interests of employers and candidates alike. We are also looking forward to strengthening our standing in the iGaming recruitment sector while establishing ourselves as the leading recruitment agency for the emerging Blockchain industry.

What do you think will be the key challenges for the company in the year ahead, and how do you intend to tackle them?

With the Maltese economy showing good signs for further growth the biggest challenge for us and for all recruitment companies is to attract more candidates in an employee’s market with a workforce that is already stretched thin. With so many job opportunities available in all sectors, candidates are spoilt for choice and as a leading agency our aim is to provide the best possible candidates to our clients while safeguarding the interests of the candidates we put forward. 2019 will be a challenging year and we expect to spend more time advising our clients on how to better attract and retain top talent.

What’s the outlook for the recruitment sector locally in 2019?

It is a known fact that Malta has a shortage of workers and with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe we are expecting to need around 35,000 new workers over the next 5 years. This is undoubtably very encouraging for the recruitment sector and promoting the island is essential. While Malta is a great destination to travel to, it also offers a great work-life balance and social life however the biggest challenges we will face in 2019 is the painstakingly slow process of applying for work permits, expensive property rentals, and the near impossible task of opening a bank account for foreigners. Fortunately we have already seen an improvement in the processing of work permits, especially those for highly qualified individuals which can apply through the Key Employee Initiative.

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Written By :

Ben Pace Lehner

Co-founder and IT Director of Broadwing Employment Agency. I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges with a special interest in the HR, IT, Corporate and iGaming sectors.

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