Improving your company’s talent acquisition strategy

We invest time in the employment process to get to know you and your needs.

Investing in Employment and Career Processes

Nowadays employment agencies are sometimes considered as salespeople selling a job to a candidate or a candidate to a job, however, there is more to it than meet’s the eye. Here at Broadwing Job Placement Agency, our mission is to create long term relationships and to build trust with our clients and job seekers alike.

Initial Consultation with Employers & Job Seekers

We speak with our clients to find out:

  • How we can help them and their business
  • The impact the vacancy will have on their company
  • The important traits and skills required for the job

We then speak to our job seekers:

  • Why are they looking for a job; is it long term or short term
  • Their situation; employed or unemployed
  • We act as a career advocate to see how they wish to pursue their career path – this will help us identify their abilities and determination
  • We also give suggestions should the job seeker be uncertain of their next step towards career progression

Getting to know the employer and job seeker

When a candidate is put forward to a client, we make sure that the person meets most of the requirements, along with potential to learn. This may be more feasible for the client as we all know it takes a while to employ people in the right job, considering salaries and status.

We also make sure our candidate is happy to attend the interview we have selected for them, to avoid wasting time for the employer and job seeker.

Giving Response and Advice

Letting candidates know how their interview was, is a priority. We also contact our client to get feedback which helps us to move forward with our job placing processes. Advice is also given to both parties with regards to improvements, wage ranges, requirements etc. We are your advocates.

Attention to detail in the employment process

During the employment process, we get to know our candidates’ options to be able to advise them accordingly. Sometimes we may send our candidates for an interview where the job description or details vary slightly from their requirements. Why? For example, starting at a lower salary range in a certain position. This can be a step towards working for a promotion in a short period of time, and eventually landing a higher position with a better salary than initially asked for. This is how we work towards building a candidate’s career.

On the other hand, our clients are advised and updated on competitors’ posts and current the market.

Not just a job; a career

When searching for the right person for the job, we always keep in mind the company’s reputation and growth. For our candidates, we take time to find the right career path. We strive to be your entrusted partner and create long term relationships.

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