DNA of a Champion by Sir Clive Woodward

DNA of a Champion

In order to succeed one must have the DNA of a Champion, but what does this mean?
In essence, the main thing to take away from this is that “talent alone is not enough” as we must also be:


A good student acts as a sponge and must be open to new experiences even if we may disagree with them; utilise any opportunity to absorb knowledge.

Think Correctly Under Pressure (aka T-CUP)

In order to perform under pressure contingency planning is essentially; we must think about what can go wrong such as any distractions or interruptions that may come up, and most importantly how we can overcome them.


While being a sponge for knowledge, having talent and handling pressure are the building blocks to being a champion, we must have the will to succeed and the right attitude.

Succeed in your career - Talent, Teamwork, Dedication, Handle Pressure

Have an attitude to Succeed

  • Assume Nothing
  • Responsibility
  • Enjoyment
  • Punctuality
  • Partnership
  • Team
  • Obsession
  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Beyond NO.1

4D Learning through collaboration

Discover: all team members must take note of whatever they come across and share the information to build up the team’s knowledge.

Distil: having captured the information, the team must organise it into appropriate categories and identify the “keys” to success.

Do: knowing the key to success means to nothing without auctioning them. Implement plans and continue to ”discover” and “distil” throughout the process.

Digital: continuously measure and analyse effort and performance through modern technology.