Working in Malta’s Technology Sector

Malta has positioned itself as a quality, creative, tech-savvy country, through the significant potential of the technology sector in Malta, boasting on the economic performance and financial stability of the island.

Tech Jobs in Malta

The technology industry in Malta has grown exponentially in recent years, with many multinational companies and startups setting up shop on this Mediterranean island. At present, the digital world is whirling into popularity, and of course, with this popularity comes an increase in demand for IT professionals in various tech sectors, including AI and machine learning, data analytics and business intelligence, IT infrastructure, software development, and databases.

Malta has also been the host of globally renowned events related to the Tech Sector that have taken place over the past years, such as the AI & Blockchain Summit (AIBC) and SiGMA Europe.

AI and machine learning sectors in Malta have been on the rise, with a surge in investment in machine learning technologies. The demand for professionals in this sector has led to an increase in salaries, with entry-level positions starting at €35,000 per annum and mid-level positions averaging €55,000 per annum.

It hasn’t been long since Malta became an Artificial Intelligence hub. Regulation of Distributed Ledger Technologies has quickly made Malta a go-to place for people looking for the next opportunity in the FinTech and Blockchain world. Malta was actually the first country in the world to write regulatory frameworks for DLTs, Virtual Currencies and ICOs.

Both international and local companies which are well-established recruit people in technology to work within their own IT departments. Some smaller companies and even start-ups recruit IT individuals to take care of any IT-related tasks within their companies too.

Data Analytics and BI Positions in Malta

Data analytics and business intelligence are also growing sectors in Malta, with companies across various industries requiring data-driven insights to inform their business strategies. As a result, data analysts and business intelligence professionals are in high demand, with salaries ranging from €25,000 to €55,000 per annum.

IT infrastructure is another vital sector in the technology industry, ensuring that the technology infrastructure of a company runs smoothly. Professionals in this sector are responsible for designing, implementing, and managing the IT infrastructure of a company. Salaries in IT infrastructure vary, with entry-level positions starting at €20,000 per annum and mid-level positions averaging €35,000 per annum.

Software Development Positions in Malta

Software development is another critical sector in the technology industry in Malta, with a high demand for professionals skilled in coding, software design, and testing. Entry-level positions in software development start at €22,000 per annum, with mid-level positions averaging €40,000 per annum.

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Working in the IT sector in Malta

Job opportunities in Malta related to IT range from ICT Systems Administrators to Senior Software Developers and everything in between.













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