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Broadwing Ltd. takes home Best Social Media Campaign at the eBusiness Awards 2021

Winner Announcement

Broadwing Recruitment is announced as a finalist for Malta’s Best Social Media Campaign 2021

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Utilising technology in the employment and recruitment industry in Malta and across the EU.

Technology has always been a key aspect of Broadwings’ philosophy for success, and with the impact of COVID, implementing technology has never been more critical to success in the recruitment industry. Broadwing Limited recently launched a new and improved recruitment portal and career website offering more features through a modern interface optimised for the users’ experience. This forms a part of the organisations constant commitment to deliver a top-notch candidate and client experience while providing recruiters with the best tools to exceed their targets.

There is no doubt today that a strong web presence is an essential part of every communications campaign. Through extensive industry research, competitor analysis, and internal knowledge, the maturing job placement agency understood the mechanics required behind creating a robust online strategy and presence. Designing and developing a bespoke, smart, and flexible digital marketing campaign that would compete with Malta’s already booming employment market, as a memorable contender amongst its many competitors.

Supported by cutting-edge technologies and an approach that embraces innovation, the Broadwing team have unlocked the true potential of data with data-driven marketing to make better decisions and have the best formula to take the organisation global, capture the audience’s attention, generate new leads and ultimately maximising ROI in both time and money.

Employer Branding & Marketing

Facilitating growth through scalable Branding & Marketing. We assist companies with building and maintain healthy reputations which enable them to attract and retain top talent.

Facilitating growth through scalable employer branding and recruitment marketing.

Marketing has undergone a fundamental shift lately. Gone is the old approach – working off assumptions or a gut feeling. Today, marketers turn to the most reliable source of information – customer data. Through means of creating a unique user-centric customer journey and applying smart data to deliver a higher marketing ROI, Broadwing was able to execute a strategy based on market research, big data, and business intelligence. From ideation to delivery, the tech-inspired agency fostered CX and digital transformation by producing designer-quality customer journey maps and personas, to deliver insights that matter to the business.

“The project was positioned between the business’ operational goals and its online marketing strategy”

Alan Cini, Managing Director at Broadwing Ltd.

“We utilised effective process-driven achievements to support all the strategic objectives through comprehensive research and analysis. We needed to ensure that our strategic expectations were realistic and viable before moving into action and therefore we set off with an exhaustive discovery and planning phase. During this, we assessed the existing websites usage and server logs, google analytics, user traffic, search console and heatmaps to gain quantitative insight into ‘what works and what does not’.”

“Next up we focussed on gaining an in-depth perspective of ‘what people want and expect’ as part of our qualitative analysis. We assessed the findings from historical data originating from previous campaigns to benchmark and track the success of the new campaign, and studied the analysis reports of competitor campaigns, websites, market trends, and web design trends. Together with several discovery meetings, we tested, iterated, and improved on our campaign to consistently increase results and cost-efficiency.” Ben Pace Lehner, IT Director at Broadwing Ltd.

Rather than focusing on WHAT they do – Broadwing Recruitment instead embarked on a strategy of focusing on the WHY and the HOW, a testament to Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle approach. Identifying ‘why’ the marketing strategy would attract clients and organisations and ‘how’ the corporate image wants to be perceived by customers – to stimulate online growth and engagement.

“While designing the Broadwing campaign, we wanted to create something that clearly represents our purpose, our method and our values. This exhibits our multi-faceted nature; creativity and innovation mixed with compassion and being people-focused. Our visuals and imagery are inspired by the ancient falconry tradition which dates back to the 13th century when the European emperors used to send their best falconers to obtain the most valuable birds of Maltese origin. We express the Broadwing brand by the regal and mighty bird of prey in flight, swooping down onto its next target. Our campaign represents motion, precision, efficiency and great power. A hawk eye for global talent. Alan Cini, Managing Director at Broadwing Ltd.

Broadwing has achieved exponential organic growth in its social media following since its inception in 2018, and consistently reported quarterly growth while maintaining a perfect 5-star rating. The team has continuously and actively onboard new clients and have been able to increase their client base despite the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. This has been accomplished through consistent and targeted organic marketing and the launch of various sub-brands including Muovo, Check My Salary, Find A Job, and HR Talks.

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