Eire Zafra Muniz - Broadwing Recruitment Consultant

Eire Zafra Muniz

Recruitment Consultant


Finance, Accounts, Insurance, Banking, Payments

Eire Zafra Muniz

Eire Zafra Muniz - Broadwing Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant


Finance, Accounts, Insurance, Banking, Payments


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Eire is a motivated, passionate, versatile and sympathetic young woman who has been pursuing challenges from a very early age. She is determined to learn and improve, believing that you should aim to be a better version of yourself daily.

Having moved to London at the age of 18 allowed Eire to submerge herself into new experiences and roles from which she gained lots of experience to pursue her dream career.

“You’re not just recruiting employees but are sowing the seeds of your reputation.”

Over the past seven years (while in London), Eire worked in the hospitality industry, in which she learned about people’s skills and empathy. Then, moving into Direct Sales, she moved from Brand Ambassador to Team Leader, where she learned crucial skills like training, managing, solution finding, adaptation to different people, situations, and environments. In the last couple of years, looking for a new challenge, she shifted into education, where she acted as a Teaching Assistant and learned about patience, empathy, and organisation.

Recently she decided to move to the beautiful island of Malta to pursue her truly wanted, career – a people-focused position with a human-centred organisation. Having gained the needed experience to start this journey, she feels fulfilled and ready for this new and exciting adventure.


  • Star Ambassador Award


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Recruiter Jobs

Accounts Officer

19000 - 21000 Per Year

Marsa, Malta

Finance Assistant

18000 - 20000 Per Year

Birkirkara, Malta

Finance Manager

40000 - 47000 Per Year

Burmarrad, Malta

Accounts Executive

25000 - 35000 Per Year

Burmarrad, Malta

Client Accounts Executive

26000 - 30000 Per Year

Valletta, Malta

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