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High-performing organizations know that their competitive advantage is directly connected to their ability to develop and deploy their talent effectively.


Skillsoft provides the most engaging and comprehensive content offering available to teach the business and leadership skills required for today’s digital business environment.


We use a variety of instructional design approaches and pedagogical methodologies which are rigorously applied across the entire content portfolio to ensure the best learner experience, every time.


Skillsoft’s Business and Leadership solutions are designed for today’s modern learners, who only have 1% of the workweek available for learning. Micro-learning is the key. All of Skillsoft’s new business skills and leadership content is delivered in short bursts of learning which take the form of 3-5 minute micro-videos embedded within 30 minute courses.


No one can match the topical coverage of Skillsoft to address the skills organizations need most, with courses in both hard skill areas such as process improvement and project management, and soft skill courses in personal improvement, management and leadership.

The content portfolio is right-sized to enable an organization to provide comprehensive  evelopment of its employees so they can deliver on the organization’s business goals and strategies. All courses also contain job aids and assessments for immediate on-the-job application.


In addition to unmatched content coverage, Skillsoft’s approach to design is unique in the marketplace.  The modern look and feel and unique content treatment approaches in Skillsoft’s high quality courseware ensures that your learners will be highly engaged, for optimal performance outcomes.

The pedagogy is designed around pragmatic situations which the learner is likely to have encountered or will encounter on the job. We use a custom design approach with an emphasis on simplicity to keep the learner’s focus solidly on the content itself.

At Skillsoft, we use world-class writers, animators, actors and presenters to create an engaging, high definition and highly contextualized experience. Through professional acting, 3-D graphics, upbeat background music, and kinetic text, we provide a learning experience that has a high interest factor.


Powerful imagery – important to recall and application on the job

Balance of narration, visuals, and text – critical to solidify the learning and minimize distractions

Conveyance of meaning – not just rote information transfer

Conversational style – in line with how we naturally learn

Outstanding production quality – with good content pacing

Backed by the latest research in brain science

At Skillsoft, we are all about learning outcomes. We know from brain science research that learners need three things for an optimal learning experience: relevance, meaning and emotion.

We use a data-driven mix of content design approaches in our new courses to meet these needs. The intentional design approaches are learner-centric, providing memory hooks for the learner.

Individuals can connect the learning to pre-existing schemas and patterns in their brains – we engage both sides of the brain by fostering a linkage between emotion and cognition. The message and the medium work synergistically.

By leveraging the latest in brain science research, we ensure that the learning experience is “seen” through the learner’s eyes.

Examples of content treatment approaches include

Interactive Scenarios

  • Leveraged when capturing the human interaction component is critical to conveying learning objectives;
  • Well-acted, highly realistic scenario role plays which Immerse the learner in real business situational scenarios.

Example topical areas:

  • Leadership skills;
  • Communication;
  • Talent Management.

Hosted Interview/Panel Discussions

  • Leveraged when difficult concepts require simplified explanation;
  • Subject matter expertise is pragmatically inter-woven into scenario, not treated as “theoretical,” stand-alone material.

Example topical areas:

  • Marketing Strategies;
  • Project Management.

High-Motion Iconography

  • Leveraged for more technical content and certification-aligned topics;
  • Learning is “broken down” into easily consumable components.

Example topical areas:

  • Operations & Supply Chain management;
  • Administrative Support;
  • Customer Service.

Character Animations

  • Leveraged for more straightforward people-based conceptual material;
  • Memorable stories and situations establish emotional connections with learner and showcase pragmatic application of tips and tactics.

Example topical areas:

  • Avoiding Procrastination;
  • Maximizing Productivity;
  • Business Communications.

Interview Panel Discussions with Thought Leaders

  • Leveraged when difficult concepts require simplified explanation;
  • Subject matter expertise is pragmatically inter-woven into scenario, not treated as “theoretical,” stand-alone material.

Example topical areas:

  • Leadership Essentials;
  • Voice of Leadership;
  • Women in Leadership.

Paced for the Modern Learner, modular and contextualized learning results in more application on the job. When learners can relate, they engage. When learners are engaged, they learn. When learners learn and then apply what they have learned, organizations acquire the skills they need to optimize their performance and retain their competitive advantage.

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