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What is Digital Transformation Fundamentals for Business?

At Skillsoft, we are committed to helping our customers thrive in the digital economy whether it’s about increasing productivity, driving efficiency or spurring innovation.

Digital Transformation Fundamentals for Business features more than 40 videobased courses across seven competency domains: Essentials of Transformation Technologies, Data Science, Designing Digital Experiences, Agility for Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing & Communications, Virtual Collaboration and Emerging Digital Soft-skill Competencies.

Digital transformation is driving a convergence of business and management skills with traditional IT skills. This convergence is causing companies to rethink existing organizational structures, create new roles and recruit and develop new skillsets and competencies among their workforces. Primary research with Skillsoft customers highlights that more than two-thirds of all organizations believe they do not have the right skillsets, competencies or operating models to adapt in the shifting digital economy.

“There are several critical success factors for the transformation – one of those is recognizing the need for training on data science and business intelligence. Skillsoft, a pioneer in learning and  raining has developed an innovative digital transformation course series which offers the depth and breadth needed to address this highly specialized form of training.”

Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, at the Brandon Hall Group

“Digital transformation is a broad and deep new approach that needs a focus on reinvention of competencies and skills regardless of level, function or industry. Skillsoft is delivering needed clarity for many of the topics under the digital umbrella.”

Jim Sinur, Vice President of Research and Aragon Fellow, Aragon Research

Skillsoft’s New Digital Transformation Solution Helping Organizations Drive Digital Dexterity at Scale

Unique aspects of the collection

  • Skillsoft’s Digital Transformation solution is instructionally, functionally, and aesthetically designed to support accelerated learning of digital transformation concepts for the modern learner.
  • Innovative Content Treatments: The new video-based courses leverage our high-motion iconography content treatment. They have a modern and innovative look and feel. The courses incorporate instructional design elements based on the latest research from brain science in how adults best learn and retain knowledge.
  • All the courses are micro-learning in nature to facilitate effective recall.
  • Multiple learning modalities, including courses, books, audio books, and more. The total collection includes hundreds of high-impact learning assets.


Instructionally, functionally, and aesthetically designed to support accelerated learning of digital transformation concepts for the modern learner.

Courses incorporate instructional design elements based on the latest research from brain science for optimal retention and application of the content.

Competencies covered in the collection accelerate the development of digital intelligence and digital dexterity across the workforce — cost effectively, at scale.


Over 40 impactful, highly-engaging video-based courses

A carefully curated array of books, audio books and thought leadership assets extend the learning opportunities

Hundreds of high-impact learning assets

Micro-learning content to facilitate spacing and effective recall

Innovative, modern content treatment

Assessment and on-the-job application assets

Goals of digital transformation collection

  • Understand the range of ways that digital technologies can be leveraged internally to:
  1. increase innovation and streamline operations
  2. enhance communication and collaboration
  3. improve the performance of both individuals and teams
  • Become more knowledgeable in aspects of new technologies, engineering, analytics, systems thinking, design thinking, agile, user experience, and emerging digital competencies
  • Be “primed” to spot opportunities for re-framing or extending traditional business models to include a stronger digital dimension.
  • Identify the competence-extending potential of technological innovations and consider the revenue-generating possibilities of pursuing them.
  • Better understand where technology provides the most value to the organization and how to leverage it.

Digital Transformation Solution

Software Automation

Agile Architecture

Business Technology

Cloud Computing

Design Thinking

Big Data & Analytics

Network Security

Internet of Things

Computational Thinking

Data-Driven Decision Making

Infrastructure & Networking

Machine Learning & AI

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