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Business and Leadership for Technology & Developer Learners

Skillsoft’s market-leading leadership and business training provides technology professionals with access to a vast array of ways to develop their skills in order to achieve success as managers, communicators and leaders throughout their career path. Including Executive Education, Women in IT and First-Time managers.


Our comprehensive content offering is in a micro-learning format that can be delivered on desktop or mobile applications. We have partnered with content providers like ITPro. TV and LooneyCorn to provide ultra-contemporary technical video courses.


With the widest selection of books on the market today, our library includes publications on developer resources, emerging technologies, certification prep and real time reference troubleshooting.

Skillsoft partners with the leading publishers of IT, tech and business skills content in the world including APress, McGraw Hill, IT Revolution, Bleeding Edge Press and Rocky Nook Publishers.

Books are an important part of each of the collections and we include the very best titles from over 120 publishers including:

  • Apress
  • Elsevier Science & Technology Books
  • IBM Press
  • John Wiley & Sons
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Sybex
  • Oracle Press
  • Wrox Press
  • ITRevolution Press


6,000 assessments mapped to Technology & Developer course library with integrated Percipio reporting and learner feedback on pass vs. fail.


Our certification tests are designed to allow the learner to practice while preparing for an exam. Tests can be taken as many times as needed so the learner can build confidence in their ability. They can also take the test as a “timed” test simulating the pressure a learner would feel when taking the actual exam. Our surveys show 91% first pass rate for  people who use our certification prep content.


Free online office hours with certified IT experts gives learners an opportunity for you to ask a seasoned professional any questions you may have about your upcoming certification test.


Our virtual practice lab solution delivers coding exercises with embedded instructional video content that challenges software developers to learn, practice and perfect their coding skills hands-on in an integrated development environment (IDE) with immediate feedback and code validation.

By using live machines and fully functioning IDEs, learners can use the sandboxes for other practice and validation needs. Practice labs are available in CISSP, CompTIA, IC3 – Global Standard 5, Oracle, Microsoft administration & certification, Wireshark, VMware, Python, Software Development Fundamentals, and more.


Our dynamic virtual classroom experience, where learners access invaluable instruction and real-world insights from leading experts. Learners collaborate in scheduled virtual classroom sessions and have on demand access to replays of prior sessions to refresh and validate knowledge. Skillsoft Bootcamp includes curated resources, all while building confidence and accelerate knowledge retention. Topics include CompTIA, Project Management and MCSE DevOps.


  • Bootcamp
  • Mentoring
  • Practice Labs
  • CodeX

Technology Certification

We partner with IT certification vendors to provide training on important exams, including:

  • AWS
  • CompTIA
  • Google
  • Linux
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • RedHat
  • SAS


We provide expert-led online courses, books, virtual labs, practice tests, and mentoring on today’s relevant Developer areas, including:

  • Cloud Architectures (AWS, GCP, Azure) and more
  • Data/Data Science including
  • Infrastructures, Tools and Platforms and more
  • Scala, Go, Python, Java, JavaScript and more
  • Microservices, Containers, Automated Testing, and CI/CD and more
  • Security, PenTesting, Ethical Hacking and more
  • DevOps, Agile, Lean and more

Skillsoft Technology & Developer Collection Details

Data Science Collection

  • MySQL
  • NoSQL
  • Oracle Databases
  • SAS
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Databases
  • Data Mining
  • Data Science
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Warehousing
  • Database Design
  • IBM Watson/Analytics
  • Microsoft SQL Server

SysAdmin and DevOps Collection

  • Operating Systems and Servers • Oracle
  • Oracle Certifications
  • Unix
  • Salesforce
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • System Administration
  • Apple Mac OS X
  • CompTIA Certifications
  • DevOps
  • Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  • IBM
  • IT Service Management
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Microsoft Servers
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Windows Server

Developer Collection

  • Programming Languages
  • Python
  • Software Design
  • Software Development Security
  • Software Testing
  • User-Centered Design
  • Virtual Reality
  • Web Development
  • Agile Development
  • Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Microsoft .NET Development
  • C/C++
  • Content Management Systems
  • Embedded Software
  • Game Coding
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Machine Learning
  • Microservices
  • Mobile Development
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Programming Practices

Machine Learning Collection

  • Google TensorFlow
  • Azure
  • MCSA
  • SQL Server
  • Python for Machine Learning
  • SkiKit Learn

Networking Collection

  • Computer Network Protocols • Internet of Things
  • Networking Accreditations
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Network Management
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Networking

Security Collection

  • Security Accreditations
  • Cyber Security
  • Auditing
  • Software Development Security
  • Network Security
  • Cryptography
  • Computer Forensics

Skillsoft Tech & Dev Partners

Skillsoft works with many content providers to amplify and enhance learning resources offered through a single platform. We co-develop much of our Tech & Dev training content with recognized leaders in the software industry. With these partners, we maintain high course quality, provide learners with access to current topics in the industry, and provide the most up-to-date certification preparation materials. Our partner content is available as a supplemental add-on to Skillsoft content for an additional charge.



With MIT xPRO’s world-class expertise, delivered via Skillsoft’s engaging professional learning solution. MIT is among the most elite educational institutions in the world, at the very top for technical education.

xPRO courses are developed and delivered by world-class instructors and industry experts. Repurposed for Skillsoft microlearning, on-demand courses, this is the same content offered by MIT xPro, often for professional certification.

More than 500 courses across emerging topics

  • Data Science and Big Data Analytics: Making Data-Driven Decisions
  • Cybersecurity: Technology, Application, and Policy
  • Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World
  • Principles of Biomanufacturing: Using Biotechnologies to
  • Manufacture Medicines
  • Entrepreneurial Negotiations
  • Introduction to Quantum Computing and its Applications
  • Quantum Algorithms for Cybersecurity, Chemistry, and Optimization
  • Practical Realities of Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication
  • Requirements for Large-Scale Universal Quantum Computation
  • Architecture of Complex Systems
  • Architecture of Complex Systems
  • Windows and Linux
  • .NET and .NET Core
  • Modern Web programming
  • JavaScript and Angular
  • React and Redux
  • Blockchain
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Data science
  • Spark, Hadoop, Python, Scala, and more
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial
  • Intelligence (AI)


MIT xPRO provides professional development opportunities via online and blended learning courses and programs to individuals, teams and companies across the world. Our goal is to help accelerate the pace of innovation by providing a global community with access to the highest quality professional education. Leveraging the latest learning technologies, MIT xPRO courses and programs are available to individuals, teams or as a component of corporate development initiatives.

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