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Our Compliance Solutions


With one of the largest selections of compliance topics, Skillsoft Compliance Solutions ensures organizations effectively meet regulatory requirements, mitigate risk, address global audience requirements with language and cultural considerations and promote awareness around critical risk areas all while building a strong culture of compliance through a comprehensive suite of training, services and technology.

Our compliance courseware and videos are developed in partnership with industry-leading subject matter experts to ensure customers receive up-to-date, relevant and reliable content. Courses are available in 30+ languages, each developed around key instructional design principles to better engage learners and accelerate ethical and safety
workplace practices across the organization.

Our approach focuses on business outcomes by aligning our tools with the organization’s objectives to ensure we not only address the challenges in training the workforce, but also incorporate training into the overall business strategy.

SkillSoft Compliance Solutions


  • Protects over 1,800 organizations
  • Partners with globally recognized experts to provide reliable, accurate and up-to-date content
  • Offers customization capabilities to further enhance compliance training programs
  • Utilizes learner-centric instructional design techniques for better engagement and knowledge retention
  • Delivers compliance training courses in 30+ languages
  • Meets the needs of a diverse workforce by supporting global and language considerations
  • Drives cultural and behavioral change in order to promote an environment where employees “do the right thing”

Extensive Compliance Course Library


The Skillsoft Compliance course library provides organizations with coverage on a wide variety of topics to help mitigate risk and meet regulatory requirements.

With expansive collections focused on Legal and Ethics as well as Environmental, Health and Safety (ES&H), our compliance curriculum covers a number of areas including the legal compliance needs of commercial, government and higher education organizations.

We also address pressing safety and health subjects aligned to regulations established by OSHA, EPA and the DOT, along with governing standards from organizations like the NFPA, IATA, IMO and country-specific regulations.

Our training course library provides coverage on an array of compliance and safety topics, including these popular titles:

Legal & Ethics

Environmental, Health & Safety

  • Anti-Corruption;
  • Anti-Money Laundering;
  • Antitrust;
  • Bullying in the Workplace;
  • Business Ethics;
  • Code of Conduct;
  • Conflict Minerals;
  • Conflicts of Interest;
  • Data Privacy and Information Security;
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act;
  • HIPAA;
  • Insider Trading;
  • Preventing Harassment;
  • Sexual Harassment.
  • Active Shooter;
  • Bloodborne Pathogens;
  • Cal/OSHA Health and Safety;
  • Electrical Safety;
  • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness;
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS);
  • Fall Prevention;
  • Fire Safety and Prevention;
  • Handling Hazardous Materials;
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • Lockout/Tagout;
  • Machine Guarding;
  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA);
  • Workplace Safety.


Skillsoft partners with nationally and globally recognized law firms and industry leaders to serve as our subject matter experts in the development and maintenance of our legal and ethics compliance content. We select experienced, practicing lawyers who specialize in confronting the most challenging compliance issues every day to enrich our content with real-world, practical insight.

In addition, we partner with leading health and safety industry experts to ensure our Environmental, Health and Safety library remains up-to-date, relevant and in pace with emerging developments within the evolving health and safety field. These experts guide our content development plans as well as ensure accuracy, leveraging their many years of experience in workplace safety.



At Skillsoft, we are all about learning outcomes and have invested in brain science research in order to develop instructional content with the ability to bring about real behavioral change.

We know from our brain science research that learners need three things for an optimal learning experience: relevance, meaning and emotion. By using a data-driven mix of design approaches, our courses are constructed to meet these needs. Our intentional design approaches are learner-centric, incorporating real-world scenarios that foster a linkage between emotion and cognition.

This synergistic connection ensures that the learning experience is “seen” through the learner’s eyes. Utilizing narrative story-telling and scenarios within our courses helps generate an emotional engagement that strengthens learning and retention.

Our content is developed to the highest quality standards in the learning industry. Centered on the learner and Skillsoft’s Adult Learning Model, our instructional designers engineer courses specifically to address the three established adult learning styles: auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

All courses have clear, tangible learning objectives that are met through an engaging presentation of information, practice opportunities and evaluation. Strategies including the use of practical examples, case studies, video scenarios, animation and narration help to maximize engagement and retention.

The effect is that our solution “assures learning” and encourages behavioral changes in order to help support a culture of compliance.


A recent pilot study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Integrated Learning Initiative found that the more interesting learners found a video-based training course, the better they performed on content recall tests. Additional research conducted by Skillsoft with Accenture and MIT’s Learning Initiative demonstrated that a Skillsoft scenario-based video course trended towards significance in generating greater interest among learners compared to other instructional approaches.


Skillsoft partners with highly regarded translation providers to facilitate our locally adapted translation strategy. Each partner offers in-depth knowledge of local and regional laws, regulations and other requirements through the employment of native speakers, local experts, the use of in-country resources and the execution of comprehensive studies of the target culture.

Ensuring linguistic accuracy and consistency is critical to Skillsoft’s global translation strategy. Therefore, we insist on experienced translators as a fundamental requirement for all Skillsoft language development.



Skillsoft offers a comprehensive library of translated, localized and culturally adapted eLearning content. We employ a global adaptation strategy that combines the highest standards for content translation with a keen sensitivity for local culture.

Our translated courseware offers more than a mere conversion of the content into additional languages. We focus on adapting our products to the local cultural setting to provide learners with an accurate, relevant and relatable experience. This includes attention to elements such as currency and time settings, as well as the suitability of  graphics and scenarios for each market. Additionally, linguistic variances, character, location and dialects are taken into account.


Create customized dashboards with the ability to view underlying training data and generate personalized reports with enhanced reporting capabilities including comprehensive filtering and data export options.

Track training across all formats: online, classroom, on-the-job and other offline training events.


Maintain a complete and auditable training history for a thorough view of user training assignments including recurrences.

Centralize management of training records through the integration of an organization’s existing Human Resource Information System (HRIS).


Manage training assignments with one-time only or recurring options, setting user-based completion dates or calendar-based due dates with recurrence intervals determined by the administrator.

Assign training to individual users or defined user groups based on demographics such as job role, corporate division or geographic location.


Streamline learning across the organization with a seamless learning experience from a single training provider able to offer compliance content along with leadership, business, IT and digital content.

Support broader learning objectives by incorporating Percipio’s curated learning paths to enhance the learning experience.


View compliance training assignments through on-screen notifications (i.e. widgets, pop-up, etc.) with approaching deadlines prominently displayed.

Provide end users access to download a copy of their training history and communicate key compliance initiatives to keep employees current on regulatory requirements.



Percipio Compliance combines leading content and a modern UX with robust functionality to deliver an engaging user experience while meeting complex regulatory needs. With customizable reporting dashboards and enhanced, in-depth reporting capabilities, Percipio Compliance provides the flexibility and robust functionality compliance, health and safety officers need to meet and manage complex regulatory training requirements.

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