Transforming Digital Dexterity


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Transforming Digital Dexterity

Wave after wave of Digital Transformation and Innovation have disrupted the way organisations operate, from subcontracting to business alliances, from independence to globalisation, from individual company brands to globalised brands. All these waves have significantly affected people’s ability to adapt to the new challenges whilst maintaining the necessary agility to meet with ever-increasing knowledge expectations.

Such transformation has subsequently led to an ever-increasing convergence of business skills with traditional IT skills. This has in turn resulted in companies having to rethink organisational structures, create new roles and develop new skillsets and competencies to keep abreast with these changes.

This masterclass will introduce some of these organisational challenges that have in turn resulted in other innovative means of learning and growth, thereby transforming employees’ digital dexterity.



Learning Through The Years

Learning has evolved through the years from the traditional forms of observation and classroom-led approaches to more individualistic and online activities. What has remained the same is the multi-sensory approach to learning, whereby learners are now more prone to use varied forms of learning. With wave after wave of technology advancements, today’s workers have become increasingly dependent upon appropriate technology to meet their work demands. In an ever-increasing connected digital landscape, the future trends for learning and development seem ever-more intertwined with technology.

Skills and Knowledge Needed for the 21st Century

The Tech Trends that have evolved over the past 20 years have changed the way we live, how we work and communicate, and especially how we learn. The wave of Tech Trends that industry experts expect to hit us in 2020 are:

  • Automation
  • 5G
  • AI
  • Voice
  • Blockchain
  • Analytics

Disruption or Enablement?

Through a blended approach, E-learning allows people to learn at their own pace and in their own time whilst simultaneously reducing training costs significantly. Nonetheless, E-learning can never substitute entirely face-to-face learning as the human intellect is based upon feelings and does not always work on logical algorithms. E-learning’s role as an enabler in the learning process is crucial since new technological waves leave us no choice but to transform our own digital dexterity.

Solutions Available to Sustain Digital Dexterity

What solutions are available to sustain digital dexterity?

What Solutions Are Available to Sustain Digital Dexterity?

Panel Discussion

Robert Delia


Robert Delia is a seasoned HR professional, with a passion for people development. He has over 20 years of work experience in people and business management within various industries in the public and private sectors.

Daniel Mangion


Daniel is an experienced BI consultant, strategist and operations manager with IT and service industry exposure. He helps companies interpret data to extract meaningful insight that helps them make better business decisions, improve processes, deliver complex projects successfully and produce results.

Carm Cachia


Carm Cachia is an information technology professional with a pioneering career reflecting his systems and management qualifications coupled with sound and successful leadership in major projects of national interest.

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New Digital Transformation

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