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The award winning technology and content is delivered through our intelligent and immersive learning experience platform called Percipio. With Percipio, we believe that true learning is achieved and experienced by supporting people in the flow of work – Watch. Read. Listen. Practice.

What is a Digital Badge?

A Digital Badge is issued to a learner when they achieve a predefined accomplishment.

The badges adhere to an industry-standard (Mozilla open badge standard) so they can be shared across platforms. They can be shared on social media, email and 100+ platforms.

Digital Badges are portable for the user meaning they can be shared externally from Percipio and verified independently. Anyone can click on the link and get to a page that describes the accomplishment (image and metadata). The digital badge is stored in a blockchain and verified through it.


Portable: Standards-based on Mozilla’s Open Badges standard.

Blockchain used to store immutable record of credential.

Shareable on social media.

Metadata describes achievement.

Recommended for You

Based on AI using a learner’s online behaviors and collaborative filtering, Percipio has deep personalization based on the following, which come in 2 waves:

Wave 1 – Learners interests, recent content accessed, similar user profiles

Wave 2 – Learner’s search activity, learner’s role

All learners will get a weekly Recommended for You email, they can unsubscribe at any time.

Your Content Hosted in Percipio

Admin uploads content and curates into channel
Learners access content via search, assignments and recommendations
Admin can view reporting data on content

Instructor Led Training / Live Classes.

Learners discover Live Class (ILT) content alongside other Percipio assets. Percipio Live Classes landing page lists all available classes with option to self-register.

Percipio notifications confirming registration details including date, time and location, plus any changes to registered classes. Live Class completions alongside other Percipio asset completions.

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