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The award winning technology and content is delivered through our intelligent and immersive learning experience platform called Percipio. With Percipio, we believe that true learning is achieved and experienced by supporting people in the flow of work – Watch. Read. Listen. Practice.

Training and Certification


Expert-driven, video courses. Hands-on insights from real-world technologists. Micro-learning for agile delivery. Assessment and exam prep.


Thousands of books from the industry’s leading technology publishers. Access to code examples and other support resources. Certification prep.


Industry’s largest collection of audiobooks. Coverage for DevOps, agile and other technical topics Relevant strategy and leadership titles.


Hands-on practice labs for both coding and infrastructure scenarios. Live, virtual bootcamps. Integrated mentoring and support.

Features of SkillSoft


Support for more than 100 professional IT certification exams from leading software, hardware, cloud and professional organizations, with a tracked pass rate of over 90%.


Experience over 500 pre-captured channels mapped to the competencies that matter most to leading global companies and assign learning paths to specific audiences.

Talent Development

Curated playlists and curriculum maps guide learners through the stages of their career, consistently building on existing knwoledge.

Inclusive Learning

Users can access a wide range of learning modalities, including videos,digital books, audio books, practice labs and live learning to learn in the way that works best for them. these options make our training accessible to people with different learning styles and abilities.

Expert Access

We invest in expert instructors that are responsible for the development of our instructionally sound content assets. Leading experts and mentors that provide an affordable fast track to IT certification and offer test preparation to improve pass rates.

Instructional Design

Our courses are instructionally sound because they’re developed by industry experts and reviewed by in-house eLearning professional to ensure quality. We also invest heavily to ensure that our library is refreshed on a three year cycle.

Beginner to Expert Levels

We curate content in terms of beginning/intermediate/advance/expert according to the standards and pre-requisite knowledge set by the certification providers and vendors. When we define our levels, we look to industry stamdards such as SFIA and NICE, as they are developed by industry standards bodies.

Percipio ELSA

The Percipio Embedded Learning Synchronized Assistant (ELSA) provides access to the award winning intelligent learning platform via a browser plug-in, so that the experience is available for all users throughout their workday, directly in their natural workflow.

Skillsoft Aspire

A series of job, task, or function-oriented journeys for individuals, teams and organizations working in technology and related areas. Journeys include sequenced instruction that methodically progresses on prescribed tasks, functional responsibilities, application of knowledge so an entity can move towards an aspirational goal.

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Authorized agents for the Skillsoft range of solutions

Information Systems Limited are delighted to announce that they have appointed Broadwing Limited as their authorized agents for the Skillsoft range of solutions.

Simon Calleja-Urry (director & founding partner at ISL) commented that this partnership allows ISL to offer Skillsoft’s solutions through Broadwing’s extensive network, knowledge & expertise of the labour market.

Alan Cini & Ben Pace Lehner (directors and founding partners at Broadwing) commented that this opportunity will complement the list of Recruitment and HR services offered by the company. Organisations will be able to leverage and upskill their employees by gaining access to content that will change the way you see modern learning.

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