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Gain access to content that will change the way you see modern learning. Experience Percipio, the intelligent learning platform from Skillsoft curated with over 500 channels on Leadership, Business, Digital Skills, and IT Skills and Certifications.

Power up your workforce with specialized learning content that takes your organization to the next level.

Finding and investing in top talent is key to overall organizational success. The trick is to develop and retain your best employees so that they become the bedrock of your organizational readiness and performance in today’s fast-paced digital economy. Learning and development programs have an important role to play in attracting, keeping and promoting your top players.

Skillsoft Expert Collections are in-depth learning solutions designed to engage and support the required skills that critical team leaders and specialists across the workforce need to be efficient, effective, and innovative. In addition to the largest collection of video-based courses available today, this collection includes high-value interactive content like certification prep, mentoring, and practice opportunities powerful tools to really experience new technology, test management situations, and more.


Build modern leadership skills needed across your organization

  • Scenario-based and animated video courses;
  • Exclusive thought leadership events series;
  • Expert Insights quick talks.


Address evolving business-critical skills to keep your workforce agile and competitive

  • Balance of business and tech-aligned topics;
  • Practice tools reinforce learning;
  • Tools to embed learning on the job;
  • Certifications on key hard skills.


Deliver improved individual, team and organizational performance

  • Coverage of key applications use daily in modern organizations;
  • Clear and concise demonstration lets users get answers quickly or dive deeper.


Drive productivity, increase efficiency, and spur innovation

  • Topics that address the intersection of business + tech;
  • Short videobased course, high-motion iconography brings content to life;
  • Practical application examples drive knowledge.


Prepare your tech and dev teams to be ready for what’s next

  • Engaging Consumerled learning experience;
  • 100+ certification prep;
  • Hands-on virtual coding labs;
  • 6000+ assessments;
  • Live Mentoring;
  • Bootcamps.


Empower employees to do the right thing with market leading content

  • 575+ compliance learning solutions;
  • Specialized Global curriculum;
  • Compliance Impacts, Expert + Shorts formats;
  • Questionnaires for policy, attestation/ disclosure and reporting.

For 20 years, Skillsoft has been the leader in delivering quality learning content and technology innovations to companies around the world. Skillsoft Specialized Offerings deliver in-depth courses to specialized teams and functional groups who are the backbone of organizational performance and success.

Choose the collection that aligns best with your business objectives.


They can be delivered to segments of your workforce, combined with other Skillsoft Expert collections, or implemented across the entire organization.

Add robust libraries of multi-modal books content to enhance the learning experience with material from thought leaders, the latest research and technical guides for deeper study and review or on-the-spot references.

All of this learning content is turbo-charged when delivered on the award-winning learning experience platform Percipio. Designed to meet the needs of modern learners, Percipio allows them to take advantage of a beautifully designed, consumer grade online environment that offers the choice of where, when, and how to learn with the accompanying mobile app.

Percipio accelerates learning with the latest tech tools like voice commands, personalization, and playlists that results in a compelling experience that keeps learners connected and coming back for more.


Engage users with a consumer-driven design, and personalized experience.

Deliver learning in the flow of work: Enable ease of informal learning through discovery, social recommendations, and Percipio ELSA browser plugin.

Track and measure progress and success with journey maps, reporting and analytics.


  • Watch, read and listen to content;
  • Micro and macro learning;
  • Access from any device;
  • Learn in the flow of work using ELSA, Percipio’s powerful browser extension tool;
  • Practice with relevant resources;
  • Curated learning paths;
  • Playlists for tracking and saving resources;
  • Show impact with data visualization;
  • Social sharing and collaboration;
  • Voice-activated search and resume via mobile.

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